Schroder Signs Pledge to Eliminate WAMs

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Rep. Curt Schroder (R-Chester County) signed a pledge in support of the elimination of discretionary state spending commonly referred to as WAMs or walking around money.

Schroder has been an outspoken critic of discretionary grants, which have traditionally served to reward legislators who support administration policies or a particular legislative initiative favored by the administration. Such rewards typically come in the form of grants for a pet project in the lawmaker’s home district.

"Pennsylvania is facing a budget deficit in excess of $4 billion," said Schroder. "From my perspective, there is no justification to continue WAMs or discretionary grant funding. This kind of legislative ‘funny money’ only serves to benefit legislators at the expense of taxpayers."

The Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP), an independent, conservative-leaning non-profit organization, initiated the pledge signing, asserting that WAMs "violate the integrity of allocating tax dollars openly and economically." By signing it, Schroder pledged to support legislation that would prohibit legislative leaders and the executive branch from distributing discretionary funding in this manner, and to not accept WAMS during the current legislative session.

State Representative Curt Schroder
155th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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