Scott Martin Suspends Campaign for Governor

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Martin Injury To Cause Suspension of Gubernatorial Campaign


Senator Scott Martin today announced that he will be suspending his campaign for Governor due to on-going medical issues caused by his recent leg injury and issued the following statement:


“The injuries to my leg were beyond a simple broken bone and included a severing of

numerous ligaments and tendons in my ankle that are going to require greater and

longer rehabilitation than I originally hoped would be necessary.


“Continuing to campaign in the coming months would put my future ability to walk

without impediment in danger, which is something I cannot do to my own family. It

would also mean that I would be unable to campaign in the manner I feel the people

of Pennsylvania and the countless supporters who have come to our effort deserve.


“While this is extremely disappointing, it is the correct decision for my family, for

myself, and for the supporters to whom I owe my very best effort. I thank everyone

who has given me their support throughout this campaign, and I will continue to be a

strong conservative voice getting positive results for Pennsylvania as a State Senator.”