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Business Owner Scott Wagner to run for Pennsylvania State Senate

York, PA –Scott Wagner, founder and president of Penn Waste, Inc., and president of KBS, Inc. announced today that he will seek the Republican nomination for the 28th District State Senate seat being vacated by retiring Senator Mike Waugh. Wagner has been involved in local politics for over three decades and has decided to become a candidate himself after years of dissatisfaction with the current system in Harrisburg.

"I have been very vocal about my frustration with Harrisburg and the completely ineffective system that is in place. It is time to elect legislators who will make the necessary, tough decisions that will benefit the citizens of Pennsylvania instead of the self-interests of those elected to represent us in Harrisburg," Wagner said.

Wagner will focus his campaign on reforming Pennsylvania’s tax structure, assuring Pennsylvania has a cutting-edge educational system and streamlining burdensome regulations that cripple businesses and make it hard for the economy to prosper and grow. Wagner added that a growing, prosperous economy creates jobs.

"Pennsylvania is in serious financial trouble. Pennsylvania’s roads and bridges are in terrible condition. Harrisburg’s fantasy that our state economy is improving is simply not true," Wagner said.

Wagner will lead the charge to end the excessive self-serving perks Harrisburg politicians have created for themselves. He believes now more than ever that employers who create real jobs, which result in increased tax revenue, are needed to serve in the General Assembly.

"I think the problem with many of our elected officials is that their elected position is the best job they have ever had so their priority is getting re-elected. My priorities are growing the economy, protecting taxpayers and citizens and reforming Harrisburg."

With over 30 years of experience in business, Wagner believes his leadership, negotiation and problem solving skills are assets that will set him apart from other potential candidates. His motive for running is a result of years of disappointing, yet eye-opening experiences with Harrisburg lawmakers.

"I feel it is our responsibility as citizens to participate in the election process whether it is by giving a contribution, volunteering for a campaign or simply voting. For over three decades, I have had numerous candidates ask me for contributions every election season. Over and over again, they say they stand for something yet their voting record consistently says differently. I am sick and tired of the process and the system."

"I have lived in York County my entire life and the community has been good to me. I believe that my views on most issues are similar to the majority of citizens in York County."

Wagner founded Penn Waste in 2000 and the company has grown to more than 350 employees with a fleet of more than 100 trucks. In 2005, Wagner purchased KBS, Inc., a trucking company based in Thomasville, Pennsylvania which employs 75 people and has a fleet of 70 trucks. The success of Wagner’s companies has given him the opportunity to give back to the community. His financial contributions have benefitted more than 50 non-profit organizations across south central Pennsylvania.


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