Senate GOP Leadership Pushes Bill to Hike Insurance Rates

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CAP Radio Campaign Targets GOP Senators Undecided on Trial Lawyer Bill


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HARRISBURG, PA (09.23.10)—With a vote in Harrisburg on House Bill 2246 imminent, Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) today began airing a radio ad [script below] in the districts of state Sens. Richard Alloway, John Gordner, John Pippy, Mary Jo White, and Gene Yaw, urging the lawmakers to stand with the taxpayers—and not trial lawyers—by opposing the legislation.

"This bill is a frontal assault by trial lawyers on our civil justice system and working Pennsylvanians, who will have to pay more for their car insurance," said CAP executive director Joe Sterns.

Specifically, the legislation would allow a plaintiff’s lawyer in an auto accident case to make a direct appeal to the jury for unlimited monetary damages for "pain and suffering." Experts believe the bill will dramatically increase the size and frequency of jackpot jury awards, which in turn will trigger a 20% spike in car insurance premiums.

Pennsylvania already has among the fewest safeguards against lawsuit abuse in America, making our Commonwealth one of the least-friendly places in the country for job creators and doctors. Sterns noted that HB 2246 is a Trojan horse for the trial bar in that, once enacted, it won’t be long before the courts rule that trial lawyers in suits of all types can make direct appeals to juries for unlimited amounts of money for "pain and suffering."

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to restoring economic freedom, limited government and personal responsibility by impacting the legislative and electoral processes.

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Editor’s Note: Following is the script of the 30-second ad: "Taxpayer Alert! Trial lawyers are lobbying the state legislature to pass a bill that will instantly raise your car insurance by as much as 20%! Unfortunately, state Senator Rich Alloway/John Gordner/John Pippy/Mary Jo White/Gene Yaw is considering voting for this costly bill! Write, call or email Senator Alloway/Gordner/Pippy/White/Yaw today. Tell Senator Alloway/Gordner/Pippy/White/Yaw to oppose House Bill 2246 because during these tough times, he/she needs to stand with you, not the trial lawyers. Paid for by Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania,"

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