Severance Tax Going Nowhere in Senate

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Final House vote: 104-94, with 12 Republicans in support, nine Democrats oppose


The state House of Representatives voted Wednesday night to pass a severance tax bill including the nation’s highest tax rate on natural gas extraction.
The bill’s passage in the House comes only two days before the self-imposed deadline of Oct.1, which was part of an agreement reached by the four legislative caucuses and the governor in June when the state budget was passed. Having the bill on the governor’s desk before the deadline is far from likely because Senate Republican leadership said earlier in the day it has no interest in the provisions of the House bill.

After two days of floor debate, the final vote on the severance tax bill was 104-94, with 12 Republicans breaking ranks to support the bill and a group of nine Democrats voting against the measure. Click here to read more.

Auditor General Projects $5 Billion Deficit for 2011-2012
Cites loss of stimulus funds, pension costs, funds owed to federal government


Pennsylvania is heading toward a $5 billion "fiscal crisis," according to Auditor General Jack Wagner.

The Office of the Auditor General Wednesday released a statement estimating the state will face the $5 billion deficit in fiscal year 2011-2012 through a combined loss of $2.5 billion in federal stimulus funds and $3 billion in unemployment payments owed to the federal government. The state also faces an increase of at least $800 million in rising government employee pension costs.
"Pennsylvania’s budgetary woes are far from over," Mr. Wagner said in the release. "In fact, they will get worse before they get better." Click here to read more.

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