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Smith’s Plan Pledges to ‘Restore the American Dream’

United State Senate Candidate Offers Economic Platform in Statewide Media tour

Tyrone, PA-  Hours after the U.S. Department of Labor revealed that unemployment remained above 8 percent for the 43rd consecutive month, United States Senate Candidate Tom Smith today finished his statewide tour that emphasized his proven track record of creating jobs while unveiling his plan to ‘Restore the American Dream’. Specifically, Smith’s policy initiatives are aimed at cutting wasteful spending, repealing and replacing ObamaCare, and simplifying the U.S. tax code.
"Partisan gridlock has crippled our government, but here’s the scary part, everyone agrees that America is in trouble," began Smith. I believe working together; we can and will meet the challenges our country faces. That is the great hallmark of the American story rising to meet any and all challenges. We will grow our economy and create jobs when we restore our economic freedom. I’m here to propose America chart a new course to restore the American dream. Focus on growing the private sector, to create jobs and achieve sustainable growth."
Highlights of Smith’s plan include: Simplifying our nation’s tax code by instituting a Flat Tax and closing special interest loopholes; ending out-of-control Federal spending by reducing annual spending to 20% of GDP; ending oppressive regulations by revaluating their purpose, mission, and functionality in present day; energizing our future by promoting the production of American energy; providing affordable and accessible health care for Americans by repealing and replacing ObamaCare; saving social security through common sense reforms while leaving the current system unchanged for those receiving benefits or nearing retirement.
Smith’s tour included six stops throughout the state in Philadelphia, Mountain Top, Pittsburgh, Meadville, Harrisburg, and ended this afternoon in Tyrone. Smith was introduced this afternoon by CEO of Reclamere Inc., Joe Harford.

"For more than 42 consecutive months, businesses like mine have suffered from big government policies that have led to stagnant unemployment and record debt. The Obama-Casey record proves they stand for a government that is bigger, more expensive and more intrusive. It is time that all of this wasteful spending stops and we get our fiscal house in order. It is time we send Mr. Smith to Washington," said Harford.

To learn more about Tom’s plan to ‘Restore the American Dream,’ please visit 
About Tom Smith:

Smith lives on the same Armstrong County farm where he grew up. Tom found himself at age nineteen, responsible for the farm, the bus business, and his family’s well-being. Before marrying high school sweetheart, Saundy, starting a family, and going to work in a local surface coal mine. In 1989, he entered the coal business himself, mortgaging everything he had in the hope that he could build a better life for himself and his family. He succeeded at building a series of companies in a highly regulated industry through tough economic times. When he sold the companies in 2010, they were mining more than a million tons of coal a year and employed over one hundred people.
Tom and Saundy have a long record of involvement in community organizations and are active members of Mt. Union Lutheran Church. They are the proud parents of seven children and the grandparents of eight. Saundy recently retired after spending nearly forty years teaching in nearby public schools.
When he left the coal business, few things were further from Tom’s mind than a campaign for the United States Senate. But that changed when an old friend asked a seemingly casual question, "What will our children say to our grandchildren about why our generation avoided the tough decisions and simply passed the bill along to them?" From there a campaign for the United States Senate was born, not to fulfill a long-held ambition or to climb the political ladder, but rather to answer that question: who will go to Washington to safeguard the American Dream before it is too late? Tom Smith has taken on that challenge, and already his campaign has drawn the support of a wide cross-section of Pennsylvanians.


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