Smith: Jobs Report Shows Economy Not Fine

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PITTSBURGH – Tom Smith, candidate for United States Senate, today released the following statement in reaction to only 80,000 jobs being created in the month of June and unemployment remaining stagnant at 8.2%:

"Today’s disappointing jobs report reinforces the growing frustration the hardworking American people have with career politicians in Washington," said Smith. "For more than 40 consecutive months, the Obama-Casey agenda has left the economy mired in unemployment higher than 8%. Rather than rolling back oppressive regulations and job-killing taxes like ObamaCare, the President and Bob Casey have continued to grow the size of government and balloon the debt. Their failed policies have only produced more spending, more debt and more taxes, but not more paychecks."

"In order to grow our economy and create jobs we need to let the private sector do what it does best, invest and create jobs," Smith added. "The truth is the private sector is not doing fine and that’s directly attributable to President Obama and his rubber stamp Senator Bob Casey."

The U.S. economy’s shrinking rate of growth continued through the month of June, as employers added only 80,000 jobs, far less than the winter month’s average of 252,000 per month.