Smith Launches ‘Senator Zero’ Website

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Today our campaign is launching a new website dedicated to exposing Senator Casey’s record over the last five years – and it’s a record marked by accomplishing nothing for Pennsylvanians.

In fact, in more than five years as our "senior" Senator, Bob Casey has yet to introduce a single bill that has become law. That’s right, while Pennsylvania families have suffered, while unemployment has remained above 8% for 41 consecutive months and our national debt has continued to spiral out of control, Senator Casey has accomplished ZERO and not addressed the problems facing our nation.

So visit our new website, [L][EL] to learn more and join our campaign to provide real representation and solutions for hard working Pennsylvanians.

So what has Bob Casey been doing for the last five years?

Well, despite offering ZERO results that create jobs and get our economy back on track – he has voted for almost every single major Obama initiative to grow the size of government. He voted for the President’s failed policies like ObamaCare, the bailouts, the so-called "stimulus," and on and on. In fact, Senator Casey, who claims to be an "independent voice," has voted for the President’s failed policies 95% of the time!

We need your help to spread the word that Bob Casey, Senator Zero, has done nothing but serve as a rubber-stamp for the liberal Obama agenda. So click here, visit our new website, and be sure to share with your friends and families.

Thank you for all your continued hard work.

Your friend,


P.S. Of the 324 pieces of failed legislation that Senator Casey has sponsored, not one has become law. Please consider donating today to help us spread the word…Senator Casey isn’t working for Pennsylvania.