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Unemployment Ticks up to 8.2 Percent in May

PITTSBURGH – Tom Smith, candidate for United States Senate, today released the following statement in reaction to unemployment increasing to 8.2 percent:

"A stagnant economy is undesirable, a shrinking economy is absolutely unacceptable and the Washington politicians should be working around-the-clock to resolve this economic turmoil. I am disappointed the Obama-Casey agenda has placed our economy on the backburner, after their so-called $1 trillion taxpayer-funded ‘stimulus’ failed to keep the unemployment rate below 8 percent as promised. It is time congress get serious about rolling back the job-killing regulations that have continued to stifle our recovery and stop their out-of-control spending habit."

The U.S. economy’s shrinking rate of growth continued through the month of May, as employers added only 69,000 jobs, far less than the winter month’s average of 252,000 per month.