Some Questions for Biden Voters

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

For starters: Do you believe that 80 million legitimate, legal votes were cast for candidate Joe Biden? Was yours one of them?

If you do, and/or yours was, give these questions some thought:

Did opening the nation’s borders or damaging America’s last remaining fully-independent economic sector top your to-do list?

Did you vote to stop immigration law enforcement, eliminate consequences for sanctuary cities, or in favor of a directive instructing ICE detention centers to release detainees? Did you want the U.S. Census to count non-citizens?

Was your vote cast to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline, a legally-permitted private sector project, kill tens of thousands of well-paying union jobs, and continue shipping petroleum on diesel-fueled tanker trucks and environmentally-insecure “bomb” trains?

Did you vote to ban fracking projects on federal land, some already-permitted, in order to restrict the domestic energy exploration/production that effectively ended America’s dependence on Middle East oil? Did you vote to raise domestic energy prices and make American manufacturers less competitive globally?

Did you vote to rejoin a climate scheme that will shackle our economy even after the United Nations said America is already cutting so much carbon it doesn’t need the (non-Senate-approved) Paris Climate Accord?

Was reversing a presidential prohibition of the Chinese Communist Party’s involvement in the U.S. power grid on your policy bucket list?

Did you vote specifically to raise prices for life-saving insulin and EpiPens, making them unaffordable for many who need them?

Did you seek a transgender agenda that threatens to undermine women’s rights and the American military?

Did you cast your vote to allow biological men and boys to enter women’s and girls’ public facilities and directly compete with them in employment, education, and sports?

Did you vote to reverse a command-approved fighting unit cohesion order banning transgender Americans from military service? Was your vote cast to make taxpayers fund transgender surgeries?

Did you vote to unleash unelected agency regulators,  send American GIs back into Somalia“revisit” Afghanistan, or make American taxpayers fund foreign abortions?

Newly-installed President Joe Biden – or his puppet-masters – did all that in one week.

Per CNN, Mr. Biden signed a record thirty-three “executive orders, actions, proclamations, memoranda and agency directives.” The White House recorded twenty-one as executive orders.

For context, in their first week, President Donald Trump signed four executive orders; Barack Obama five; George W. Bush signed none.

Executive orders are most commonly issued when the president’s party lacks congressional majorities, but Mr. Biden unilaterally signed all of his even though Democrats hold majorities in both congressional chambers (with the vice-president breaking Senate tie votes).

Clearly, Biden knew there weren’t enough Democrat votes to pass the measures in Congress, that is, constitutionally.

Ironically, during an October, 2020, ABC interview, Mr. Biden gave a typically marble-mouthed response to a question about executive orders: “I gotta get the votes [in Congress]. That’s why, y’know, the one thing that I, I have this strange notion. We’re a democracy. […] Things you can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need a consensus.”

So much for “consensus.”

More ironically, pre-inauguration, Biden’s chief of staff told reporters that his boss’s planned executive orders would be “a restoration of an appropriate, constitutional role for the President.”

Rather than restoring a president’s “appropriate, constitutional role,” Biden/his staff immediately busied themselves with usurping the constitutionally enumerated powers of the Legislative Branch.

More moderate Biden voters who dislike some or all of his executive orders are as responsible for them as the feckless relic who signed them.

Any Biden voters who are experiencing twinges of buyer’s remorse, but are consoling themselves with, “At least he’s not Donald Trump,” should ask themselves if their hatred for Mr. Trump was so irrational, their ignorance of and/or indifference to Joe Biden’s personality, personal/in-office histories, his/his family’s shady business dealings and his pitiful basement campaign so profound that they wouldn’t permit themselves to admit the benefits they had or question what they were getting.

But, it’s too late now. The Biden administration has already taken a radical turn by pandering to their party’s fringe interests at enormous costs to America’s middle and underprivileged classes, women and girls, military discipline, energy independence and American sovereignty.

If you voted for Joe Biden, it’s on you.

All of it.