Specter Will Vote Against Card Check, Because He Must

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There have been media reports that Sen. Specter will switch party registration to become a Democrat to gain massive union support or to have Ed Rendell ‘clear the field’ or that he will run as an independent in US Senatorial election because the Pennsylvania Republican Primary demographic has moved its center of gravity from "liberal" southeast to "conservative" mid-state and west or that Sen. Specter may vote for "Card Check", the AFL-CIO and SEIU’s. no.1 priority legislation and for which they spent tens of millions electing President Obama.

Sen. Specter’s vote may be pivotal on filibuster because of the marginal Republican caucus has enough votes with Sen. Specter to filibuster Card Check in the Senate. Card check will likely pass because of Democratic majority in Senate so a filibuster is key to preventing Card Check from passing.

In the end, Arlen Specter will not switch parties nor run as an independent. In the end, he will vote against Card Check because he has to.

Sen. Specter has zero chance of winning the Republican Primary if he votes for Card Check because he needs Big Business Establishment Republican support to win the primary. He will not switch parties; he will not run as an Independent. Sen. Specter will vote against his union base and against Card Check because he has to. And he has to go.

Sen. Specter is "throwing a lot of drama" about his anguish over the pressures from his union base vote to demonstrate to Earmarking Big Business Big Government Republicans that they need him and that he is there "when it counts" and they will "owe him" in the Primary against the formidable challenge of Club for Growth’s Pat Toomey with his considerable support among Free Market Limited Government Conservatives.

Every other Republican, including liberal, Stimulus Voters Senator Collins and Senator Snowe, has publicly, unequivocally, consistently committed to opposition to Card Check except Arlen Specter.

This is a vote that any Republican should take for granted. Card Check is against every principle of Free Market Limited Government and every principle of productivity for businesses, big and small, that need a flexible workforce. As Big Three have found out the hard way, Unions mean Bailouts and Bankruptcy.

In the end, Sen. Specter will vote against Card Check, a completely unprincipled vote, to get Earmarking Big Business support in the Republican Primary to neutralize the Free Market Limited Government conservatives who support Pat Toomey. This cynical manipulation of voters evidences that Senator Specter is not committed to the Republican Party, not to principle but to his own career.

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