State Supreme Court Delays Medial Malpractice Venue Decision

Member Group : Coalition for Civil Justice Reform

For Immediate Release

February 14, 2019

Contact: Curt Schroder


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Pennsylvania Coalition for Civil Justice Reform Executive Director, Curt Schroder, issued the following statement to the news that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has announced it will delay any decision on the proposed change in medical malpractice venue until after the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee completes its work:

“The decision by the Supreme Court is a welcome development.  A change of this magnitude should not be made without due diligence.  Senate Resolution 20, introduced by Senator Lisa Baker, was an attempt to steer consideration of any change in medical malpractice venue in a thoughtful direction.  The Pennsylvania Coalition for Civil Justice Reform thanks the Senate and House Leadership for hearing and acting on our concerns.   Likewise, we appreciate that a majority of the Supreme Court has decided to take a studied look at this issue before making a decision. “

“Due to public light being shown on this issue from all corners of the Commonwealth, many are starting to become aware of the disastrous consequences this venue shopping rule change would have on Pennsylvanian’s healthcare. We must continue our efforts to shine light on this potential change and the harm it would cause Pennsylvania. The more people understand the devastating impact on health care caused by the last medical malpractice crisis, the more they understand that returning to broad venue rules allowing many more cases to be filed in Philadelphia is the wrong approach. The PCCJR sincerely hopes that in the end, the Supreme Court will not take any action to the detriment of Pennsylvania’s patients and providers.”

Curt Schroder

Executive Director

Pennsylvania Coalition for Civil Justice Reform

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