Study Shows Paid Leave Will Cost Thousands of Jobs


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State Study of Paid Leave Must Consider Impact on Small Business and Jobs
NFIB research this year shows thousands of job losses if policy is adopted in Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG, PA. (August 10, 2016) – The state of Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry announced this week it received a $250,000 federal grant to study family leave models and programs. NFIB’s Research Foundation conducted a study earlier this year to determine the impact mandated paid leave would have on small business in the Commonwealth. That study showed it would erase nearly 8 thousand jobs in the first year in Pennsylvania and reduce economic output by over a billion dollars. By the year 2025 the total number of jobs lost in Pennsylvania would be 16,445, while the cumulative drop in the state’s economic output would be about 2.8 billion.


"There’s been a push in Washington and Harrisburg to force employers to give workers several days of paid leave each year, but this report reflects the cold, hard truth: Mandatory paid leave is too expensive and would cost Pennsylvania too many jobs," said Kevin Shivers, state director of NFIB/Pennsylvania.

"Small Businesses provide the best benefits to their employees that they can afford," Shivers said. "This one-size-fits-all approach is another attempt by the government to get in between employers and their employees. What a lot of politicians seem to forget is that what works for a multinational conglomerate might not work for the shop down the street."

"We hope that when the state studies paid leave, it examines the impact on small business and the potential for lost jobs," said Shivers.

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