Susquehanna Valley Conservatives to Host Constitution Presentation

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Constitutional Organization Of Liberty


September 10, 2010


For Immediate Release

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(Lebanon, PA) – The Constitutional Organization Of Liberty (COOL), a conservative, non-partisan political

action committee registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State, has announced that it will be

making a presentation on the United States Constitution hosted by the Susquehanna Valley

Conservatives (SVC) in Lewisburg on Monday, September 13.

Louis Petolicchio, who heads up the Education Team for COOL, said the forum is
intended to provide participants with an introduction into the Constitution.

"This is an opportunity to permit people who may not be familiar with the formal
document to become better acquainted with it, and to learn some of the mechanics of how our Founding Fathers intended it to
work," he said.

"The forum is designed open the door to learning more about it by clearing away some of the mystique

that politicians and ‘scholars’ have wrapped it in over the years," Petolicchio
said. "In short, this is a foundational introduction to allow attendees to become comfortable with one of our most beloved American documents."

Bob Harder, a co-founder of Susquehanna Valley Conservatives, which was formed in November of 2009, said the group wanted to host a forum because of the important nature of the Constitution.

"The Susquehanna Valley Conservatives were organized because we believe that the
Constitution and the Declaration of Independence form the bedrock needed to secure our fundamental rights," Harder said. "Therefore, it is important that at this time in our organizations history we host a forum that will enable our associates to focus on these valuable documents."

"We hope this meeting will launch us into additional discussions and meetings about the Constitution and current issues," he said.

Mark Thomas of Cornwall, Chairman of COOL, said that the five-year old organization has offered multiple courses on the Constitution ranging from single event forums such as will be presented in Lewisburg, to multiple week classes that dig into greater specifics relating to the history and nature of
the Constitution and the rule of law.

After the successful classes we had, COOL’s Board has approved the expansion of its course offerings," Thomas said. "Most exciting for us is the fact that we are continuing to broaden the different locations we use to host our courses."

"Many of our courses reintroduce class participants to the philosophical, legal and religious concepts that inspired the creation of our founding documents," he said. "And we always strive to keep them both informative and entertaining."

The forum being hosted by the SVC is open to anyone and will be held at 7:00 PM on the campus of Country Cupboard at the Best Western Inn in the Baylor West Conference Room. The address is 101 Hafer Road, Lewisburg, PA.

For more information, visit COOL at their website: