Take Our Issue Back!

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For more than 12 years I have been a Conservative acvtivist in Washington County working on everything from the Bush, McCain, Toomey, Russell and Luksic campaigns to, too many others to keep track off, but now am coming back home and reclaiming the very first issue many of us got involved in decades ago. back then if you distrusted the government, you opposed the war in VIETNAM. The Leftists openly supported the communists. Not much has changed.

In the 60’s I attended anti war meetings in Quaker churches in Shadysdise and at Earlham College. I paid my dues and even joined the in Point Park hippy gatherings. I still don’t trust the government and fight for Conservative values. Today’s parot anti war Lefties chant "Bush lied and thousands died".

They should chant LBJ, MacNamara and Westmoreland lied and 45,000 died"
It is time to reclaim the issue of peace and end the endless conflicts over nebulous causes and make clear to the world and Islsm that any serious attack on americans will result in horrific reprisals on populations and holy sites.

If enough activists come forward to support a Conservative Peace movement by contacting the Washington County Republican Party at 75 E NAIDEN street Washington Pa, 15301 I will organize this return of the tribes.