Tax Cuts – What Do We Do With Them?

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There is agreement – people disagree on the propriety of the Bush-era tax cuts! I am not going to join the fray of support or opposition. Why invest the energy? The Bush-era tax cuts have been extended temporarily. We will also receive a payroll tax cut to help stimulate the economy now. So what do we do with that money?

I find that there is power in being intentional with our thoughts and decisions. There is an opportunity for us to consider how we want to spend the money that is now becoming available.

We can allow the new-found money to become absorbed into our routine spending. Who would not like to upgrade the wardrobe, have a little nicer car, go out to eat more, take a vacation? Insert your own values and needs.

We could also consider some of many great causes that speak to the genetics of Americans when it comes to charity. No matter how much pain you may be feeling, it does not take long to find someone worse off.

Consider the community benefit that charities provide – in good times and bad – whether it is arts and museums, education, human services, curing disease, libraries and the list goes for a very long time. Nobody in America has escaped the benefit of some charity along the way. Now consider what if we lived in a country that had no community benefit organizations – pretty foreign to what we value. You can give some of your new-found money to these organizations. Not only will they improve the quality of life of those they serve but you can be sure they will spend that money promptly to improve the economy in your community.

Take advantage of the benefit you gained and find a way to pay it forward. Don’t wait for someone else to take care of it. You have an opportunity to make a difference. Go help make someone’s life better. Do it today!

Joe Geiger holds more than thirty years’ experience in the fields of education, human resources and association management. Geiger has delivered programs on the role of charities in the public policy process, change, feasibility, shared vision, team building, strategic planning and more, to organizations throughout the nonprofit community.