Tax Hike Alternatives Could Spare Taxpayers

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Tax Hike Alternatives Could Spare Pennsylvanians’ Pocketbooks
Taxpayers’ Caucus Report Unveils Billions in Savings

May 24, 2016, HARRISBURG, Pa.—As Gov. Wolf pushes for a multi-billion tax increase, the Taxpayers’ Caucus today unveiled a plan to save taxpayer dollars.

At a Capitol press conference, the Caucus, led by Rep. Seth Grove and Sen. Scott
Wagner, identified $3 billion the state can realize through reducing waste, growing non-tax revenue, and implementing accountability measures for existing programs.

"When Gov. Wolf proposed the largest tax increase in state history, he said those who disagree with his ideas should bring their own," commented Commonwealth Foundation Vice President of Policy Nathan Benefield, who joined legislators at the press conference. "Today, House and Senate members did just that, charting a path forward that does not demand more of Pennsylvanians’ hard-earned money. Instead we must require government to manage its own spending before asking working families for more."

Savings presented by the Caucus include pension reform and liquor privatization,
both of which the Legislature previously passed and Gov. Wolf vetoed. The Caucus
also recommended examining the state’s $700 million in corporate welfare spending, the most in the nation.

Benefield continued: Before asking for even one more penny from Pennsylvanians, government must stem its pending appetite. Families and businesses are not a bottomless ATM, and our government shouldn’t treat them as such. To build a more prosperous Pennsylvania for all residents, we must lower—not increase—the oppressive tax burden. The Taxpayers’ Caucus report moves the discussion in the right direction—identifying key reforms to control spending and prioritize the use of tax dollars.

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