Taxpayers Win Pennsbury Redistricting Suit

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November 30, 2012

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Judge throws out Union attempt to gerry-mander voting districts for election of school board directors

You may recall this story in the Philadelphia Inquirer a few months ago.

Bucks County Court of Common Pleas President Judge Susan Scott just issued a ruling in this case here. The Bucks County Courier-Times published an editorial yesterday that stated: "For its grievous assault on democracy and its defrauding of citizens, the union now should have to pay the $73,000 legal bill it ran up for the district. Either that or, as Campbell suggested, the union should accept an equivalent pay cut for teachers."

In a technical sense the ruling means that if you are a resident in the Lower Makefield voting precincts of South 1 or South-4 you will now be considered part of Pennsbury Region Three, not Region One where I represent. If you live in Falls Township voting precinct 1-5 you will now be part of Region Two. All other precincts remain unchanged. School Board elections come up again in 2013 so it’s good to know what region you will be voting in. (Each region elects 3 school board directors).

There hasn’t been an official call from the full 9-member School Board to insist that the teachers’ Union refund the $73,000 in legal fees to the taxpayers. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to e-mail school board president Allan Weisel at [email protected] to ask him to insist that the Union refund the money.

Let the Board president know how you feel!

Simon Campbell

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