The American Left’s Moral Hypocrisy – And Fear

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

State-controlled media under German Nazism and Soviet communism routinely ran propaganda – fake news – campaigns to brainwash, misinform and keep citizens docile.

It is no longer necessary for Americans to imagine what life must have been like for average people under either regime, because the same thing is happening here.

Americans are learning that governments need not be full-blown totalitarian dictatorships to run propaganda campaigns, that it is possible to condition nominally free societies into mass psychoses.

In America today, a loose cabal of left-liberal ideologues, including a nearly-monolithic national media, the entertainment industry, Big Tech, and nearly every K-12 to graduate-level institution – a small, but influential fraction of the population – have cooperated with likeminded elected ideologues to politically indoctrinate nearly half of Americans – arguably more relative to traditional social and moral conventions.

The cabalists have made it unsafe for the other half to openly express once-common political and/or social views in many workplaces and most schools.

In effect, left-liberals are attempting to repeal the First Amendment by barring conservative speech – or any speech that challenges left-wing orthodoxy.

The left commonly refers to dissenting speech as “hateful,” even “violent.” In fact, left-liberals are attempting to criminalize speech with which they merely disagree by characterizing certain speech as public “threats.”

A New York government “human rights” agency has already decreed that accurately calling illegal aliens “illegal aliens” is a crime.

By teaching divisive Critical Race Theory (CRT), thousands of “woke” schools and teachers are repudiating everything Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. accomplished; the founders of Black Lives Matter (BLM), an organization that has raised millions of dollars with no accountability, are, by their own admission, “trained Marxists”; nonetheless, ordinary Americans can be ostracized, publicly shamed and/or lose their jobs for criticizing or expressing opposition to CRT or BLM.

Ironically, the left celebrated the 2020 (and subsequent) anarchist Antifa/BLM riots that looted stores and torched cities, including minority neighborhoods and businesses, injured thousands, and cost billions of dollars, calling them “mostly peaceful protests,” “urgent grievances in need of redress,” or, in the left’s view, “speech.”

No one ever accused the left of consistency.

Leftists disliked people freely exercising their First Amendment rights online and in social media by posting “wrong-think” that “violated” left-liberal doctrine or challenged the current administration, so, in 2021, Big Tech made themselves agents of government censorship by cracking down on and crushing dissenters – wrong-thinkers – including experts that questioned or disputed government policies.

Among examples of collusive censorship are Big Tech bans on references to COVID-19’s Chinese origin, and “de-platforming” physicians and scientists who questioned vaccines or disputed “official” government COVID protocols and mandates, as well as others who encouraged prescribing common, safe, low-cost drugs to treat COVID, even though board-certified physicians had already used them to successfully treat thousands.

Americans have seen how people who are unwilling to use bizarre gender-bending pronouns, or disagree with the ridiculous, biologically-impossible notion that “not only women menstruate” can be shamed, censored, expelled, or even lose their livelihoods.

In reality, the left’s inconsistencies and moral hypocrisies reveal their intellectual insecurity – and their fear.

Dennis Prager explains:

“…[T]here is little intellectual substance to leftism. It is a combination of doctrine and emotion. The proof? Those with intellectual depth do not stifle dissent; they welcome it.

“That is why universities are so opposed to conservatives [speaking] on campus. One articulate conservative can undo years of left-wing indoctrination in a one-hour talk or Q and A. […]

“Every conservative intellectual I know says yes to every one of the…left-wing invitations we receive. Of course, we are almost never invited. […] They claim it’s because we are not up to their intellectual level and they have no desire to waste their time. One would think that the opportunity to publicly show how vapid we conservatives really are would be too good to pass up.”

The American left really has no choice. They must suppress speech, because, if speech remains truly free, over time, their ambitions and fabrications will be exposed as the hollow, controlling, propagandized nonsense it always has been. Then, liberals will lose their self-assumed “moral” leverage, and their influence – their power – will vanish.

It should.

Free speech ensures a free people, so, in order to stay free, Americans must defend their constitutional rights, ignore the left, and speak out – freely!