The Day the Earth Stood Still: My D.C. TEA party experience

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I arrived in Washington DC on Thursday, 9/10/2009. My hotel was full of The Free Republic people in Arlington. Wearing my TEA STAFF t shirt I visited a few congressional offices that day. One was Joe Wilson’s to let his staff know he should not have apologized to the president for correctly calling him a liar.

On Friday I set out once again in one of my TEA STAFF t shirts, but this time was headed to the three senate office buildings on a mission. I decided to hit as many offices of the most liberal senators and ask their staffs to request their bosses to watch Fox News on Saturday in order to base their reactions on more truth than the smoke the government run media will be blowing up their posterior. You couldn’t have been more in the belly of the beast than I was. I went to Franken’s, Byrd’s, Reid’s, Boxer’s,Feinstein’s, Feingold’s, Leahy’s, Dodd’s, Schummer’s, Casey’s, McCain’s, Durbin’s, Snowe’s and Rockefeller’s.

Passing Lindsay Graham’s office, I dropped in to let the staff know that the theme of the next TEA Party is "Pink Slip TEA Party" and our elected officials have 365 days from November 2 to get with the program or get a pink slip. Then I dropped by Senator DeMint’s office and lucked out, managed to speak to him and have a picture taken.

Only one senator’s staff freaked out when I walked in. I was no more than three seconds into politely asking the senator watch FOX when I was accused of disrupting the office after I replied I did not live in the district. Sensing upcoming handcuffs even though I was very calm and polite, I was instructed to leave. I did without incident, but I would like to thank Senator John Kerry’s staff for being being the only one for not being polite and listening to my request.

A rumor was circulation amongst the two million or so gathered all along Pennsylvania Avenue and from the Capitol and the Washington Mall. Apparently Nancy Pelosi saw people earlier in the week in the Capitol with TEA PARTY t shirts on and decided to close the building to tourists. All we knew was that the steps were roped off. Also it was rumored that Congress was shut down on Thursday and Friday so the Reps and Senators would be out of town for this historic gathering.

September 12 turned out to be the Conservative’s Woodstock, a pivotal event for the generation who experienced the original and have not lost their distrust of authority but matured politically. Now the Left is attacking us as a bunch of racists because they can’t understand the possibility of all these patriots opposing them on ideological grounds. They themselves are unable to question the motivation of their Party and the consequences of their actions.

Let us hope the message we carried to Washington, which was a return to the Constitution and fiscal responsibility. On Friday and Saturday evening we drove around and Washington DC is not experiencing a Recession. The people live in homes worth hundreds of thousands more than comparable homes around here and multiples of the price of your average home. Expensive restaurants and bar were packed both evenings. As I told staffers in Harry Reid’s office. You folks around here live in houses and lifestyles most people where I come from can’t live like this, and it didn’t look like anything was being manufactured within 50 miles of DC. I told them people out my way work in factories, plow fields or work in coal mines in order for the people in DC to live like kings. It is no wonder they do everything they can to maintain their money and power.