The Definition of Hyprocrisy

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March 6-7 – The Definition of Hypocrisy

One of the main tenets of the political left is that the United States is fundamentally flawed and needs to be "fixed." According to liberals, the best way to fix our nation is to constantly increase the size and scope of government. Liberals believe that a larger and more powerful government is the only way to solve societal problems and supply everyone with "their fair share." Of course, there are no angels in government so a huge and pervasive bureaucracy and powerful politicians will never create fairness. However, they will limit individual freedom and liberty, as well as discourage personal responsibility (think "Cap and Trade," "Card Check," and "ObamaCare"). The end result of this liberal thinking is a population increasingly dependent on the government for economic survival and a much less dynamic, less energetic, less creative and weaker country – just look at Greece. But the United States is not a small country like Greece. The U.S. was the first broad based constitutional democracy in history and has been the leading free country in the world – economically, politically, artistically, scientifically, intellectually and militarily – for about one hundred years. A weak, declining America would not just be bad for Americans, it would be a tragedy for a world that would become much less stable if we become weak.

Some of this week’s headlines

On February 23, the House of Representatives (currently controlled by Liberals) passed a racist bill that is intended to create a separate government for individuals who are descendants of native Hawaiians. This bill, called the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act, sets aside land, and grants special privileges and power to anyone who is "a direct lineal descendant of the aboriginal, native people who – resided in the islands that now comprise the State of Hawaii on or before January 1, 1893." This bill is unconstitutional, is overwhelmingly rejected by the people of Hawaii (only 34% support it), and is opposed by the United States Commission on Civil Rights because it discriminates on the basis of race. But Liberals in the House passed the bill anyway largely along party lines (245 to 164).

Just last week, Harvard researchers released a study that concluded fuel prices must rise significantly if we are to achieve any meaningful reduction in atmospheric CO2 levels. According to the report, in order to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s targeted reduction in CO2 emissions of 14% from 2005 levels by 2020; our government must use new taxes to raise gasoline prices to $7 per gallon. That’s right – SEVEN DOLLARS per gallon. Do you think that would have a little negative economic impact? I wonder who will vote for this.

After ignoring numerous and repeated calls over the past 18 months for his resignation as the Chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, our nation’s chief tax writer, Rep. Charlie Rangel, finally agreed to "temporarily step down" last week. Of course, Rangel reached this conclusion only after he learned that there were not enough Democrat votes in the house to save him. Rangel is under an ethics investigation on many issues, including his trips abroad that were paid for by undisclosed political supporters, his failure to pay taxes and accurately report on personal assets and income, his illegal use of rent-controlled apartments in New York and his solicitation of contributions for a university center to be named after him. Who are these angels in government who do not pursue their own interests and who are supposed to solve all of our problems? Certainly, Charlie Rangel is no angel.

But neither is Rep. Pete Stark, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s first choice to replace Rangel. Stark has said that President Bush personally enjoyed sending troops to "get their heads blown off" in Iraq. He threatened Rep. Scott McInnis (R-CO) in 2003 with physical harm and called him a "fruitcake" on the House floor. (I thought calling someone a "fruitcake" was politically incorrect, but I guess liberals are allowed to say and do pretty much anything as long as they support the "correct" policy positions advocated by liberal pressure groups and the liberal media. The word hypocrisy definitely comes to mind.) Stark called Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-Conn) an "insurance industry whore" for opposing HillaryCare in 1995, and stated that she learned all she knew about medicine during "pillow talk" with her physician husband. This guy is unfit to be in Congress, let alone hold a committee chairmanship. Fortunately for all of us, he resigned his appointment after one day.

Similar outrageous behavior, so common among sitting Democrats in Washington D.C., is leading many Democrat Party Congress people to resign this year rather than seek reelection. On Thursday evening, liberal Massachusetts Rep. William Delahunt became the 17th retiring Democrat, ending his 40 year career in elected service. Delahunt was facing a tough reelection. His district broke for Scott Brown by a wider margin than any other in Massachusetts during the January 19th special Senate election; he has referred to Venezuela’s left wing dictator Hugo Chavez as his "excellent friend," and voted for the PelosiCare bill last November.

Choice and Competition in Public Education

Jeremy Resnick, executive director and co-founder of Propel Charter Schools joined me on the program. Jeremy is a fantastic guy with a real vision for improving the quality of public education in Western Pennsylvania. The first Propel School opened in 2003, was located in the basement of a hospital, and served 176 students. Today, Propel serves 2,000 students (K-12) in six different school locations, and must manage a huge waiting list. Propel is now ranked among the highest public school performers in the state, and offers a real alternative to the failing Pittsburgh Public School system. The majority of students who attend Propel schools come from inner-city, poor and challenged backgrounds. School Districts are opposed to Charter Schools like Jeremy’s, because they offer families real alternatives to the status quo public education system. For more information, visit Propel’s website.

Health Care

In a nut shell, despite the Scott Brown victory in the Massachusetts special election, President Obama and the Democratic leadership in Washington D.C. are choosing to forgo bipartisanship and ram the Senate healthcare bill through the House. They are also claiming that they will use "reconciliation" to "fix" the bill once it passes.

Let’s be clear, the Senate bill provides federal funding for abortion (even President Obama admitted this at the so-called "Healthcare Summit" held at the Blair House two weeks ago), reduces Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, reduces the number of Doctors, forces tens of millions of Americans off of private insurance and onto public plans, raises taxes in the middle of difficult economic times, and busts the Federal budget. This bill does nothing to control costs, but instead will dramatically increase health care costs in the United States. It also creates an unconstitutional mandate for all Americans and businesses to purchase insurance, and empowers unelected and unaccountable healthcare advisory boards to decide what types of care are ultimately available. The Wall Street Journal has called the bill "one of the worst pieces of legislation ever."

The House will vote on this awful Senate bill, complete with all of the special deals that were made prior to Christmas, including $300 million to secure Sen. Mary Landrieu’s vote ("The Louisiana Purchase"), $100 million to secure Ben Nelson’s vote ("The Cornhusker Kickback"), and $250 million for Sens. Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders of Vermont (maybe we’ll call this one "The Socialist Spending Spree" since Bernie Sanders is the only publicly declared socialist in the United States Senate).

Definition of Hypocrisy

In order to appease uneasy House Democrats who do not like the Senate bill, Democrat Party leadership is promising to use reconciliation to "fix" the healthcare bill. Somehow, Representatives who oppose abortion spending, and Representatives who demand abortion spending will be happy with reconciliation results. Also, a special deal will be made to exempt labor unions from paying the "Cadillac tax" on expensive healthcare plans. And those who wholeheartedly support the House bill will see a strong public option inserted into the Senate bill. Yes, President Obama appears committed to use reconciliation to ram through his health care plan.

In 2005, Republicans threatened to use reconciliation to overcome the filibustering of President Bush’s judicial nominees. The GOP argued that denying an up or down vote on qualified appointees based on political ideology was unprecedented. But Democratic Senators were outraged and called this the "nuclear option." Then Senator Barack Obama worried that Republicans would change the character of the Senate and create "absolute power" for the majority. "And that’s just not what the founders intended" he said. Then Senator Hillary Clinton claimed that Republicans would destroy the delicate balance that our system of government has obtained "for immediate gratification of the present President." Senator Chuck Schumer exclaimed "We are on the precipice of a Constitutional crisis." Senator Harry Reid referred to the "arrogance" of the "Republican administration." Senator Dianne Feinstein proclaimed, "It begins with judicial nominations, next will be executive appointments, and then legislation." And Senator Joe Biden stated, "This nuclear option is ultimately an example of the arrogance of power. It is a fundamental power grab. I say to my friends on the Republican side, you may own the field right now, but you won’t own it forever. And I pray [to] God that when the Democrats take back control, we don’t make the kind of naked power grab you are doing." Needless to say, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and the Democrats’ current power grab is beyond anything anyone could have imagined in 2005. How the Democratic Party leadership of the United States could condemn the threatened use of "reconciliation" for lower court judicial nominees back in 2005, and now gleefully flaunt their intended use of reconciliation for legislation that would impact almost 20% of our nation’s economy is a blatant and highly disturbing show of hypocrisy at its worst. These are not principled states people, but self serving, power hungry, leftist politicians who are determined to get their way no matter what it takes. The American people deserve so much better. You can listen to all of the sound bites here.
The bottom line is that we must stop ObamaCare in the House. It must never pass, because as soon as it does, the Senate bill becomes law. Dick Morris has compiled a list of "Swing Votes" in the House. Each Representative on the list has indicated some interest in voting for the Senate bill. Find the list of these Democrat Party Representatives along with their phone numbers here. Call them and tell them that you oppose the Senate bill, and that you oppose any use of reconciliation for health care. And tell them that you expect them to vote "NO!" And if they vote to ram this health care nationalization down our throats now, let’s vote them out in November.

Thank you for your encouragement and for listening to the Glen Meakem program. I really appreciate it. If you missed my program two weekends ago on Marxism, "What it is and why it failed," please take some time to listen to it. If you find it insightful, please encourage your friends and family to listen to it as well. And please, keep up the fight against the spread of Marxist ideas in our Country. Together, we will continue to have a positive impact.


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