The Final Solution

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Historically, when a Leftist totalitarian leader assumes power, it is accompanied by purges. This was true with the Nazi and Communist regimes. Either with bullets, contrived famines or Zyklon B poison gas, the opposition must be exterminated in order assume absolute control of the population. Keeping everyone in constant fear of their lives is a strong incentive to go along with the Omnipotent Leader and just follow orders.

Is federal control of the entire health care system any different? The potential and temptation to use this lever against the patriots who long for a return of America and the Constitution is enormous, and our benign government has example after example of abuses of this kind. From Lincoln to Wilson to Roosevelt to Clinton, innocent American citizens have been rounded up, placed in cells or concentration camps or gassed and incinerated in Waco, Texas.

These leaders were perceived as benevolent and celebrated in historic lore as great. Only the truly simpleminded can look upon the actions of the current administration and not see the end of our republic and the institution of a totalitarian state. Now the Tyrant has asked citizens to inform on their neighbors who disagree with the Health Care Takeover and now is somehow gathering personal E mail accounts to send propaganda directly, something unheard of in the past.

Whether America can emerge and begin the healing process will be determined in the 2010 election. If there isn’t an enormous Conservative backlash and a sea change in the Congress, there will be no turning back. One must prepare with your medical professionals to continue quality care beyond the knowledge of the State. Offer to provide services outside the system such as trade work around his house or childcare in exchange his services. The State is fully aware of the editorials and letters to the editor we have published. They know the TEA Parties and town halls we have attended and they never forget. When it comes to critical care for you some End Of Life Counselors will make your care decisions. When it comes to you or the SEIU thug who disrupts Conservative gatherings, who do you think will get the transplant and who will get the placebo?

What we must guard against is what happened in Honduras under President Manuel Zelaya. The results of the upcoming election were found in his computer. Our Omnipotent Leader is following in his and Hugo Chavez’s footsteps and with the illegal organizations like ACORN and the Executive controlling the census and the megalomaniac Soros pulling the strings, patriots must be prepared to pledge our wealth, lives and sacred honor to defend this country once again against tyranny.