The Freedom of Conservatism Briefly Explained

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I have a few questions to ask my generation. Aren’t you tired of having someone tell you what to do? Or how much money you should earn? Or putting your personal security at risk? If you’re like most people you wake up early, work hard, pay your bills, or put money towards savings. And if you’re also like most young voters in America last year, you elected the quintessential liberal, Barack Obama, to free us from the "failed policies of the past 8 years."

Since I fully understand the unspeakable difficulty in picking up a newspaper and enduring the strain of reading an article and drawing up conclusions, I’d like to briefly explain a common misnomer to many I know. The misinterpretation between "conservative" and "liberal" simply exists in the paradox of term associations! The word liberal, often connoted with forward thinking, progress, and freedom, is in its clearest political context, ironically anything but free-ing. You might think Hollywood, peace, or fun-loving party go-ers when Liberalism actually inhibits individual choice, restricts economic growth, and fosters dependency on governments. Liberalism, Progressivism, Socialism whichever you choose, is by all standards, oppressive, and nothing more than a step backwards towards the tyranny our forefathers fled from two hundred fifty years ago.

Where is the freedom in a bureaucrat telling women they have no right to a mammogram until a certain age? Where is the logic in the government raising taxes in a turbulent economic time? Where is the justice in spending your hard earned dollars to give terrorists a right to a criminal trial on American soil?

Conservatism, on the contrary, is interpreted as being a stubborn, stale, party of war mongerers conjuring images of privileged old white men sitting fireside sipping scotch and puffing a foreign cigar. But when placed in the simplest terms, Conservatives believe in going to the hospital to see doctor of their choice, not a bureaucrat. Conservatives believe if you work for your money, you should be entitled to more, and to be able to spend it on what you choose. Conservatives believe in the right to protect all of the individual and national freedoms currently in peril under the Obama administration. Conservatives are the true purveyors of freedom. But where are the creative ad campaign strategies to attract younger voters? Why haven’t conservatives livened up a headquarters enough to make passersby interested in coming inside? And when will they officially become the party of the woman to combat the "failed policies" of the past four years in 2012?

If you’re reading, I have a challenge for my generation. The next time you step into the voting booth think of your family’s health, your right to decide, and the safety of your loved ones. Think of the real freedom so many men died to preserve, and use your voice, while you still have it.