The Inhumane Side of Forced Unionism

Member Group : Lincoln Institute

There’s not person alive on the Right that doesn’t want to see "right to work" passed this year in Pennsylvania…

But too often, those of us committed to ending the abuses of union bosses and their cronies….forget to take the time to explain what "Right to Work" really means —

Our opposition – the Union Bosses – call Right to Work a form of union busting. Wrong. Union Busting is what a bunch of union guys did the Quaker Meeting House in Philadelphia just a few weeks ago…when the burnt part of it to the ground because the Quakers had the audacity to take the lowest price bid on renovations…the lowest bid NOT being a union shop. That "union-busting" or "busting by the unions" cost the peaceful, non-violent, pacifist Quakers more than 500 thousand dollars in damage. They must be thanking God the damages were in building material and not in lives…

Although – lives are up for grabs in the world of Union Bosses willing to go to any length to stop non-union workers from having a fair shot at putting food on their table.

In Philadelphia — union workers were caught – ON CAMERA – crushing a non-union worker behind a gate – as he tried to cross their picket line and get into work on his construction job. You can see clearly on the video the man…someone’s husband, father…brother…son….screaming out in agony….then you see him slump to the ground – motionless – as the union members laugh and callously walk away…

Since when did Union Membership cause one to lose their humanity….to hurt, kill or destroy another persons property – or worse….their life – because they chose not to join your group? Does being a union member mean you can harm any person – even maiming or killing them – so your group can prosper? Is this what the unions have become? An illuminating example of man’s inhumanity to man?

Frankly, Right to Work and companion bills like Employee Paycheck Protection– are designed to protect union workers. Yes, to protect union workers. There are many, many good people – union members – who look at the video of the crushed man or the burnt down Quaker meeting house and recoil in horror.

But we in Pennsylvania don’t protect those union workers – the ones who disavow the violence and the thuggery – the ones who want to put food on their own table – not steal it from another – the ones who want to reject and walk away from the unions. Our laws don’t allow it. Those people…those decent union workers…are left behind – FORCED – BY LAW – to pay dues up to the union bosses who encourage and demand such demonic action form their members – and forced to associate with the members who do that bidding willingly.

Can you imagine what happens to the union worker who says to the boss, "NO, I will not go out to a job site and stop another man from going to work." Can you imagine what would happen to the union worker…who…if at the job site where the man was crushed — went over and actually helped that man? Would the Union Worker’s life be at risk too?

Of course it would. The remarkable thing about freedom is that it works in more than one way. For instance, in America, we have freedom of speech. One can, in almost all circumstance, say what one wants – but the reverse is true as well….one can say nothing all. IN fact, we have an entire amendment…the 5th – dedicated to that ideal.

That’s why it is time now – for all of us to join in solidarity and say – we support the right of a person to freely associate and join a private organization like a union if he or she so chooses – but we also support a person’s right not to.

Anyway – if Unions are a great as the Big Labor Union Bosses say they are…why do they have to thug people up to join?

And in that deafening silence where the answer should be….it is time for Governor Corbett to stand up, stand strong and Stand for ALL the workers of Pennsylvania and by giving them their freedom NOW by passing Right to Work – RIGHT NOW.

In Liberty and Solidarity – Jennifer Stefano – You can find out more about Right to Work at and