The Politics of Subversion

Member Group : Lincoln Institute

The Obama administration has raised the bar in terms of artful deception and denial of the most blatant lies.

When caught in either an outright deception or lie, this administration denies it with such grace and plausibility that even the non-skeptical press, most of its supporters, and many of those marginally engaged in the political process overlook the transgression regardless of how dishonest, deceitful, or damaging.

At first blush, this deception or "misspeaking"would be deemed politics as normal or just political correctness run amok.

After researching the communist approach to taking over governments in the 1950s and 1960s and great deal of studying in psychological operations while in the US military, you can be assured that the Obama administration’s abilities in the art of denial and deception is a well thought out campaign plan against the very fabric of the core values of this nation.

Obama’s deceitfulness is not an accident. It is a deliberate plan as part of a methodology that was taught by Communist organizers to subvert non-communist organizations in eastern and western Europe as well as in Central America. The approach is called ideological subversion. The approach does not need to be used to force communism upon United States but can, in fact, be used by any movement that is attempting to further an agenda. This is precisely what the Obama Administration is doing.

President Obama said in October 2008 that he would fundamentally change the United States. He has done that. But the changes have only begun and as such we, the opposition, must understand his tactics and defeat them.

During the Cold War, the CIA studied communist tactics in subverting democratic institutions.

The term "ideological subversion" was a favorite tactic of the KGB. Ideological subversion is not covert. It is an overt form of transformation of the society so that the society’s boundaries of perception of reality become so distorted that truth is absolutely irrelevant.

In the United States military, there are psychological operation units; however, the foundation of our doctrine is that we, as a free society, must have truth prevail for the long term survival of our way of life.

In the arena of ideological subversion truth is not important because by the time the society realizes that it is been lied to, that society has been subverted or taken over. The subverted society becomes powerless.

The process of ideological subversion is a very lengthy one. It requires the infiltration of converted ideologues into the education system and other venues where indoctrination in ideology takes place with formative minds.

Once the education system has been subverted, the ability of the average citizen educated in such a system to think critically becomes distorted. This process is generational in nature and occurs over times with each successive generation more affected. With the breakdown in critical thinking skills, to include inductive and deductive reasoning, defective thinking approaches and critical thinking errors are very easy to substitute in everyday life.

For instance, there is a critical thinking ever called "argumentum ad hominum" in which the basic premise is to attack the person rather than their point of view. Lacking critical thinking skills, most people will fall for the defective thinking of the attacking of the person rather than discussing the issue.

You can see this type of approach of attacking the person with the "race baiting" of this administration. Be it the former Attorney General or the President or the national press, the perception is that any disagreement with the administration is because the opponent is racist even if that opponent is black themselves.

Other examples include the MSNBC discussion with Carly Fiorina in which the interviewer and other panelists do everything in their power to divert attention from what the original question was about Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments while Secretary of State. The attack on Ms. Fiorina’s record is constant and her responses are calm and well thought out but the issue of Hillary Clinton never surfaces.

The critical mistake that most Americans make is to attempt to argue logically with those who would have been ideologically subverted. Logic will not work with someone who does not understand the principles of critical thinking or logical thought!

There are two fundamental approaches to defeating ideological subversion.

One is to present the facts. Accurate, well thought out, point by point, attacks on the lies perpetrated by Obama and those who have drunk the Kool-Aid. Carly Fiorina is actually doing that very same extremely well. She is one of the most skilled I seen at debunking the Kool-Aid drinking advocates of this administration. This is not to imply that I am endorsing her for president but merely this is how you defeat ideological subversion.

The second approach requires courage. It requires that every time you hear someone engaging in ideological subversion you utter the following phrase "Oh, I see, you have drunk the Kool-Aid". By continuously refusing to engage in ideological debate for which there is no solution because logic and facts are not important, the ideologue will be called out on their ideological subversion. By doing so, the ideologue will have to finally recognize that their arguments will be ineffective and the ideological approach will not work with you.

Take this Obama threat seriously or you will find that he has fundamentally changed our society – from a free one to an enslaved nation beholding on the federal government.

Col. Frank Ryan, CPA, USMCR (Ret) and served in Iraq and briefly in Afghanistan and specializes in corporate restructuring and lectures on ethics for the state CPA societies. He has served on numerous boards of publicly traded and non-profit organizations. He can be reached at [email protected] and twitter at @fryan1951.