The Ultimate Unfair Advantage

Member Group : Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

September 25, 2013:

Imagine this: a representative from the NRA enters a school board meeting. He proceeds to explain that most of the teachers and employees of the district are members of the NRA. To save time and money, he would like the school district to collect the membership fees directly from members’ paychecks and send the money to the NRA directly in one check.

Sounds reasonable, right?

No doubt the NRA representative would get laughed out of the meeting. Or, if the school board did agree there would be an outcry from the media asking: "Why should a school district collect dues money for a political organization?"

As outlandish as it sounds, something similar to this example happens all the time in Pennsylvania. However, it is not the NRA using taxpayer resources to collect dues and in some cases money for political action committees. Instead of the NRA, government employee unions use taxpayers’ resources to collect money directly from members’ paychecks.

According to The Commonwealth Foundation, Pennsylvania’s government unions spent almost $5 million in members’ dues on political activities last year. To make matters worse, unions are not required to obtain the approval of members before making political expenditures. (Nor, do they need members’ approval before they pay themselves an exorbitant salary.)

Recent polling by the Commonwealth Foundation found that even 75 percent of union members agree unions should not be permitted to use taxpayer resources to collect union dues.

Take a few minutes to contact your Representative and Senator. Let them know that taxpayer resources should not be used to help fund any political organizations including unions.

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