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VOLUME 12, NUMBER 4                                                                      SEPTEMBER, 2020

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The March issue of the Westmoreland Watchman was the last official publication of the Conservative Coalition. The last six months has curtailed a lot of our normal activity and meetings have been out of the question with the WAREHOUSE venue being closed. We hope to have one last meeting before the election and are shooting for October 20th. More details will follow.

The March newsletter was written on March 9th, just when all the rounds of shutdowns were raising their ugly head. Since then trillions of dollars have been lost and millions of lives have been turned upside down as the New World Order has pulled out all the stops to use this “Virus” to unseat Donald Trump as President. Since the shutdown occurred, there have been thousands of scenarios outlined and pursued as to what happened and who to blame. Every MSM story and every Democrat points to Trump, even though he has done more good with the awful hand he was dealt. His love of America and business background had started to turn the situation around and then the George Floyd incident happened in MN. The Left and Antifa have been waiting for such an incident to unleash their goons, thugs and anarchists. They have tried before like Ferguson, MO and other hotspots to have an all out war on the police, but those incidents fizzled. However, despite the drugs Floyd had in his system and his criminal record, when the knee on the neck was filmed so graphically leading to his death, the raging lion was loosed on America. The protests that were funded by George Soros and his ilk only grew worse across the country and this led to more police action against “innocent” black men. The communist Black Lives Matter movement was emboldened and dozens of U.S. cities run by gutless and leftist Democratic mayors, were allowed to descend into chaos causing billions more in damages and lost lives and businesses. At this point I want to insert what I wrote in March about the Media and see if that was prophetic, although with the way things have been going the last few years, I don’t think I’ll be getting any awards:


“It looks like either Crazy Bernie or Slow Joe will be the nominee against Trump. Both are so flawed with their track record in the Senate that in a sane world they would be dismissed as socialists or worse. However, no matter who wins the primary, they will have the Media on their side 100%. Their campaigns will be allowed to say any and everything against Trump with the most blatant lies and charges being viewed as the truth in their efforts to take back the White House. Using China as an example again, when Mao took over the Mainland in 1949, he had a gigantic victory parade. I have a picture where at the head of the parade was a printing press!! Mao showed the world that his rise to a Communist victory was due to the glowing reports he received from a favorable press in the United States at the NY Times, Washington Post and other leftist outlets. These media powers of the day called him an “agrarian reformer” and man of the people, hiding his true brutal and evil intent. In the process at least 60 million people died at his hands. Today, the same type of Media with even more slick and foul pundits will pull out all the stops to prevent another four years for Donald Trump.”


While Trump was blamed for the virus, all the civil unrest was also deemed his fault as he and his followers are constantly labeled as “racists”. Statistics show that about a dozen unarmed black men were killed by police during the last year and half of them were resisting arrest or had criminal records. It is hard to ignore how George Floyd died and the cop who kept his knee on Floyd’s neck should be given the harshest sentence possible. BUT when the BLM scum invade cities and disrupt the lives of innocent, hard-working Americans, they must be dealt with using overwhelming force. And when their leaders (Marxists), cry to the media, some reporter with guts should ask why they aren’t out in Chicago protesting every weekend when at least 10-20 blacks are killed and dozens more wounded by black on black crime! Young children are being gunned down but the MSM ignores that travesty and worries about pepper spray or water hoses being used by the police to contain the violence. Beleaguered and disgusted police officials and patrolmen are quitting and resigning in droves as they have virtually no support from local government. Trump has offered to send in help but most of that has been rebuffed by the Democratic governors and mayors. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been more resistance from business and home owners trying to protect their livelihood with guns and other means. We need more folks like that McClosky couple from St. Louis who defended their property with guns. WARNING: Someone recently said “The time is coming when a lot of good men are going to do a lot of bad things to bad men breaking the law.” This could be how the second Civil War begins if law and order breaks down, so if you are a patriot please make sure that you and your family are protected. Also, consider yourselves the 21st Century version of the original Minutemen and be ready to spring into action when the freedom is threatened! Also, pray for our police everyday!



Ever since the tally on Covid deaths has been shown to us on a daily basis, I and many others have questioned how this is determined. It seems that at least 50% of all the deaths were patients in nursing homes and the majority of them were forced into these homes by Democratic Governors from NY, NJ, PA and others states. These poor folks already had other medical conditions that helped lead to their demise when infections roared through these facilities.  In a sane world, these governors should be charged with manslaughter. Some reports indicate that only about 10% of all the deaths have actually been solely Covid related and if true, we have been had by the powers who want to destroy America!

The vile Wolf/Levine team in PA are part of this travesty and it’s too bad Wolf isn’t up for election this year as he would be crushed as he has outraged every business owner, sports enthusiast, parent of school age children and countless other segments of our society with insane, unconstitutional edicts and restrictions on our everyday lives. Not only is Wolf a pathetic leader, but he relies on Dr. Rachel Levine for his “health” information. Levine is so screwed up “she” doesn’t know if “she” is a man or woman, supports Planned Parenthood and took “her” own Mother from a regular nursing home and put her in a safe environment while thousands of other elderly were kept in facilities that had high infection rates, causing many of them to die. And this “creature’ is the one who tells us when and how to wear a mask! A horror movie from Hollywood couldn’t make this stuff up!

We are conditioned to the point that the daily virus report will say “there were 109 new cases” somewhere and then as an afterthought they say, but there were zero deaths or maybe three or four. This constant style of reporting brainwashes people to equate cases with deaths! It is like using the terms “electric power” and “electric chair”. Very similar wording, but vastly different in meaning and outcome, although I’m one who would like to hear the words “Electric Chair” used more often!

The same confusion is now appearing regarding mail-in ballots and absentee ballots. Absentee ballots have to be requested by the registered voter and the system has worked well for decades. But the mass mailing of ballots to voters everywhere is where the very potential for fraud exists. Once again it seems that Democratic Governors are pushing people to get a mail-in ballot, “so they can feel safe and avoid any potential Covid infection”. Historically, Republicans usually have made more of an effort to come and vote in person. The Dems know this and want to scare their people into using the mail-in method to swell their turnout. Don’t be surprised if some of these Governors declare another Covid emergency a several weeks before the election and encourage even more of the sheep to mail in their votes! Don’t fall for the mail-in system and in this crucial election, make EVERY effort to appear in person and cast your vote for Trump! IF you have loved ones or friends who are unable to get out, make sure they are registered and then make sure they receive and send in an absentee ballot and don’t wait until the last week to do so.



Many of us have been praying for God to intervene in this outlandish year we have been living through in 2020 with Covid, racial unrest and the outright communist movement we see in our streets and on the airwaves. God truly does move in mysterious ways His wonders to perform and I think the death of Justice Ginsberg last week, might be part of His divine plan for America.

I and others suggested to the White House that Mr. Trump choose a black, pro-life, conservative woman which would put the rabid liberals into orbit. How could they oppose a black woman without showing their rank hypocrisy? As this fluid situation unfolds, it appears that the President will be naming a woman on September 26th which would be a day after Justice Ginsberg is buried. This also coincides with the massive Prayer March that Franklin Graham is having in Washington that same day! Once again I can see God’s Hand in these events.

The finalists to fill the Court position seem to be fine conservative women who love the Constitution and America. Many people are favoring Amy Barrett, who would be an excellent choice. Also, Barbara Lagoa is mentioned quite often. She is a very interesting case as she is a CubanAmerican. With Trumphater Michael Bloomberg pouring millions into Florida in an effort to tilt the election Biden’s way, this could provide Trump with a great opportunity to sew up Florida and also other states that have high Latino populations by choosing Lagoa! By the way, there should be some serious investigations of what Bloomberg is attempting in Florida by paying off outstanding debts owed by former prisoners so they can then vote. Sounds like election bribery to me and hopefully some Florida officials will intervene to stop upwards of 35,000 felons from voting! This could be the margin of victory to steal an election!

In 2016, the Democrats cried to have the vacancy filled when Justice Scalia died and Obama was in office. Now they are demanding that Trump hold off until after the election. As usual they are already attacking whoever Trump nominates without knowing the person’s name. It is a replay of how they treated Judge Kavanaugh in 2018 and I think they will again pay a price for their insane hatred of all things Trump!

Fortunately it seems that most the Republicans are willing to support any qualified Trump pick and when Mitt Romney returned to the GOP fold, that pretty much sealed the Dems fate on this subject. The Left is again warning us that a confirmation before November 3rd will cause a great upheaval and losses for the GOP. Yet in 2018, it was the Dems that lost more Senate seats because most of America saw that President Trump kept his judicial promises. This time round, no matter what happens on November 3rd, we will all sleep better knowing that a true majority of conservatives are on the High Court just in case another replay of the Bush/Gore fiasco happens in Florida or some other hotly contested state.


Tighten your seatbelt these last 6 weeks as things are going to get very wild. Once again Pennsylvania will be one of the key hotspots with Western PA being more important than ever. God bless all the wonderful people in our area who have put up thousands of signs and arranged numerous rallies, parades and other outreaches in our local communities. We pray that millions of Americans across the country are doing likewise so we win THIS MOST CRUCIAL ELECTION  IN OUR LIFETIMES!


FINALLY:  Read the attached article by General Dick Hawley entitled, “Why I’ll Support a Narcissist on November 3rd”. This retired Three Star Air Force General covers all the issues and makes the case for Trump over Biden with many indisputable facts. I hope you will use his wise comments to refute the liberals and feel free to spread this information far and wide!


It is always an honor to work with so many Godfearing patriots and I pray for each one of you that you have the peace, strength and courage to see this battle through to victory on November 3rd! I trust our paths will cross between now and then.

For God and Country,


Don Thomson