There He Goes Again!

Member Group : PA Right to Work

At least we can say Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is consistent. For the eighth straight year, he is threatening state employee lay-offs if more "revenue" doesn’t come in.

Does he really think the taxpayers fell off the turnip truck and will buy this worn out game after eight years?

Does he also think we don’t understand that every time he and his cronies in the General Assembly come up with some grand scheme it comes out of our pockets?

The terminology that causes everyone to grab his or her wallet is the now infamous "revenue shortfall."

Taxation creates stagnation, not growth. Businesses and residents are no longer drifting out of our state, they’re running. This once-proud Commonwealth had 35 Congressional seats in its heyday. We now stand at 19 and are going down to 18.

That’s proof positive that doing the same thing over and over again in these eight years is an abysmal failure.

We need to export coercion and import liberty. This isn’t complicated but opponents of limited government will try to convince us all it is.

Pennsylvania desperately needs to pass a Right to Work law. Before overpaid union bosses start screaming about that, let’s look at the facts. The 22 states with Right to Work are thriving. In fact, that is where Pennsylvania’s jobs have gone, literally.

In just the last year, Mack Truck has moved to Right to Work state North Carolina, Williams Sonoma to North Carolina and South Carolina, Carlisle Tire and Wheel has gone to Right to Work state Tennessee.

So, Governor Rendell, do you really want to increase tax revenue? Because if you do, you would not be out there advocating either state employee layoffs or tax increases. You would be advocating for Right to Work, which does not interfere with any legitimate union objective so Pennsylvania could join the prospering states, not lead the dying ones.

We won’t hold our breath waiting for your response, sir. Just please stop saying that Pennsylvania has no choice but to punish dedicated individuals or tax everyone into oblivion. We’ve heard it before and we’re not buying it.

Susan Staub is president of Pennsylvanians for Right to Work, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to voluntary unionism. Pennsylvanians for Right to Work ( is funded solely by voluntary membership donations and is not affiliated with any other Right to Work organization.