Tom Smith Signs Death Tax Repeal Pledge

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For Immediate Release
March 5, 2012
Contact: Jim Conroy, Campaign Manager
[email protected]


Smith the First Pennsylvania Senate Candidate to Sign Tax Repeal Pledge

(Pittsburgh) – Tom Smith, Republican candidate for United States Senate, today released the following statement after signing the American Family Business Institute’s Death Tax Repeal Pledge. The Pledge simply states: "I hereby pledge to the American people that I will support the permanent repeal of the federal estate and gift taxes."

"The federal death tax unfairly subjects earnings to double taxation, punishes saving, and deprives the free market of job creating capital," said Smith. "The death tax is symptomatic of government spending that has grown out of control. I’m proud to have been the first Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidate to have signed the pledge, and will work hard to see this tax permanently eliminated."

"This is a critical time for our Nation’s economy and family businesses. Tom Smith is off to a fast start and we’re glad that early in his campaign he sees the value of estate tax repeal for Pennsylvania’s family businesses and America’s economy," said American Family Business Institute President Dick Patten.

The Pledge has been signed by all GOP Presidential candidates excluding only John Huntsman. Read more about the Death Tax repeal Pledge and the American Family Business Institute HERE


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