Toomey, Corbett Could Lead GOP Wave

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Toomey, Corbett Could Lead Republican Wave In State House

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OCTOBER 27, 2010 | by ERIC BOEHM

Neither Tom Corbett nor Pat Toomey is running for a seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, but having their names on the ballot could help Republicans regain control of the chamber.

James Broussard, a professor of history and politics at Lebanon Valley College, said the top of the Republican ticket forms a potent one-two punch which could improve Republicans’ chances at the state and local levels.
"With Corbett, who appeals to moderates, and Toomey, who appeals to conservatives, at the top of the ticket, the Republicans are pretty confident of taking back control of the state House," said Mr. Broussard.

Voters which support Republicans in the high-profile state races are more likely to support Republican candidates across the board, and in close districts that factor could make all the difference. Click here to read more.
Absentee Ballot Returns Show Higher Participation from GOP Than Dems
Larger spread between Republicans, Democrats than past elections

Democrat and Republican absentee ballot returns are offering a glimpse into election results that political analysts argue will fall along party lines.

The absentee ballot results, broken down by county and party affiliation, show a total return of 60 percent, representing 96,790 of 160,556 absentee ballots. The data was compiled by the Pennsylvania Department of State.
To date in 2010, Republicans have returned 67 percent of their requested absentee ballots, representing 53,226 of 79,061 absentee ballots. In comparison, 55 percent of Democrats’ absentee ballots have been returned, representing 37,631 of 68,221 absentee ballots.

Voters registered under the Libertarian Party have returned 50 percent of absentee ballots (166 of 335 ballots), and all other third parties have returned a total of 45 percent (5,767 of 12,939 ballots). Click here to read more.
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