Toomey Statement on Russian Sanctions

Member Group : U.S. Senator Pat Toomey

Washington, D.C. – Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) issued the following statement on the passage of the Russia amendment (S.Amdt 232) to Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017 (S. 722). The amendment passed 97-2.

“I have long said Russia is no friend of the United States. This amendment is an important step in strengthening and expanding U.S. sanctions against the Russian government and restores Congress’s role in setting sanctions policy. I am proud to co-sponsor this bipartisan legislation to combat Russian cyberattacks, misleading media influence, entrenched internal corruption, and illicit financing in light of continued threats from the Russian government and their crooked allies. The U.S. cannot stand by and allow Vladimir Putin and his cronies to bully Ukraine, and other neighboring nations, and meddle in free and fair elections across the globe.”

This amendment will:

• Codify existing US sanctions on Russia, including those related to Ukraine and cyber-attacks
• Add oversight and enhance Congress’s role in determining sanctions policy on Russia
• Strengthen and expand US sanctions against Russia, especially regarding human rights, energy development, and arms shipments
• Prioritize programs for countering Russian aggression and influence
• Broaden authority to investigate and combat money-laundering and illicit financing