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Toomey Talks Healthcare

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Dear Lowman,

Compare and contrast Pat Toomey and Joe Sestak on Healthcare. Pat Toomey supports viable Free Market Solutions and Joe Sestak supports a Statist Socialistic Government Run Health Care, the military model.

You can view more posts on my blog.

Two Videos of Toomey/Sestak

Please compare and contrast Pat Toomey’s style of presentation and the substance of his ideas with that of Joe Sestak. You decide who can better represent people of Pennsylvania and the United States, because every vote of every Senator affects every citizen and resident of the United States and even impacts the world.

Full Video – Health Care Town Hall Debate with Joe Sestak and Pat Toomey September 7 2009 Muhlenberg College, Penna.
Ron Shegda asks a question of Pat Toomey and Joe Sestak Healthcare Debate Muhlenberg College. Have you read the bill and what is cost of bill Zero of 1.5 Trillion dollars. Pat Toomey’s response is 5.75 minutes and Joe Sestak 4.25 minutes

Toomey Talks Healthcare

Pat Toomey’s comments on Senator Arlen Specter are dead on. Principled Liberal Joe Sestak v. Arlen Specter’s only principle is his re-election. See October 1, 2009 Quinnipiac Poll particularly, Sen. Specter’s re elect and favorable unfavorable ratings. And the Dems have just started to define him as a GWBush Sarah Palin Republican.

Pat Toomey talks to Neil Cavuto on Serial Bailouts and Government run, taxpayer subsidized. Unacceptable to be party of "no"; workers get same tax breaks as corporations, tax reform, insurance across state lines. Pat Toomey’s party is the party of yes to Lower Corporate Net Income Taxes, eliminating the Capital Gains to encourage new investment in new businesses that create new jobs and a Payroll Tax Holiday, an instant raise for workers. The same amount of money as spent by the failed stimulus but letting individuals work, save.

Pennsylvania common sense conservatism. Rank and file workers don’t want to invest in failing businesses. Government should not own car companies and financial institutions. Communists own the means of production; not Americans.

Sestak Has His Facts Wrong on TARP

Representative Joe Sestak Has His Facts Wrong on TARP
Sestak-Not Toomey-Contributing to the Country’s Debt.

Allentown, PA – In a press release on Saturday, Rep. Joe Sestak accused U.S. Senate candidate Pat Toomey of supporting President Bush’s fiscally irresponsible policies, but it was Joe Sestak (RC #681) and Arlen Specter (RC #213) who supported President Bush’s largest spending package-the $700 billion TARP boondoggle–not Pat Toomey.

"While I respect Joe for being a principled liberal and, unlike Senator Specter, sticking to his liberal convictions," Mr. Toomey said, "he simply has his facts wrong on TARP and my record. I have long been critical of the wasteful spending under the previous Republican administration, while Joe and Senator Specter supported the huge $700 billion TARP policy, paid for on the backs of Pennsylvanian taxpayers."

"Now, Joe continues to support the TARP policy even after its many flaws have come to light. By doing so, he continues to support a policy that lacks the appropriate oversight, that continues to be plagued by secrecy, and will probably not pay taxpayers back, according to Special Inspector General Neil Barofsky. In addition, Joe is supporting a policy that failed to do the very thing it was supposed to do from the get go-buy up toxic assets to provide financial stability. Instead, Joe voted for a $700 billion taxpayer-funded investment in banks, and continues to defend this policy."

"If Rep. Sestak is concerned about the size of the debt and deficit and growing the economy as he claims to be in his press release," added Toomey Communications Director Nachama Soloveichik, "he should explain why he voted for a slew of policies that constitute the largest spending increases in history, the largest debt increases in history, the larges deficit increases in history, and the largest tax increases in history. These include the TARP bailout, the auto bailout (RC #690), the $787 billion stimulus (RC #70), and the $1 trillion government-run health care bill. Most people would agree that this is not an effective way to grow the economy. In fact, a bipartisan group of senators and representatives have signed letters to Secretary Geithner urging him to end the TARP program at the end of the year. It is clear that Rep. Sestak is far outside the mainstream on this issue."

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