Toomey to Oppose ‘Bloated’ Spending Bill

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Senator Toomey: Cannot Support Bloated, Irresponsible $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) voted today against the massive, year-end $1.1 trillion spending legislation. In spite of bipartisan opposition, the Senate passed the legislation 65 – 33. His statement follows.

"It is outrageous that Congress pushed through a bloated, $1.1 trillion spending bill that was crafted behind closed doors, is filled with special interest giveaways, and will continue Washington’s addiction to overspending and fiscal irresponsibility.

"It is also disappointing that Congress is forced to vote on such a giant, every-thing-but-the-kitchen-sink proposal at the eleventh hour because Senate Democrats repeatedly blocked efforts to allow spending bills to reach the Senate floor individually, so we could have a more orderly and transparent appropriations process.

"One of the few bright spots is that this legislation does include some bipartisan proposals that I have championed for years and will help create jobs in Pennsylvania. It includes a key part of my bill with Sen. Menendez that would make it easier for small businesses to expand and grow by allowing them to expense equipment purchases. It also fosters innovation by making permanent the research and development tax credit.

"I am pleased the bill suspends the harmful medical device tax, which I have been fighting to repeal for five years. I am optimistic this provision suggests that there’s real hope that Congress will permanently eliminate this onerous tax.

"The bill allocates an amount consistent with my legislation to ensure crime victims get the appropriate distribution from the Crime Victims Fund and permits the disbursal of a record $2.6 billion to assist victims of child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, and other crimes. The measure provides needed health care to the heroic 9-11 responders and increases funding for Alzheimer’s research – both of which I support.

"Finally, it’s good news the bill strengthens our nation’s military by providing sufficient funds for our troops, increased readiness, and overseas operations and it increases funds for veterans care and services, all of which I have consistently supported."

"But on balance, this bill is not worthy of support as it —

• Continues out-of-control overspending adding to our nation’s deficit by $50 billion with such wasteful projects as $65 million for salmon restoration and $130 million to promote and develop fishery products, $123 million for sustainable landscape programs, $168 million for the World Bank’s Global Environment Facility, and the list goes on;

• Funds the Obama Administration’s plan to admit 10,000 Syrian refugees without an effective vetting process, $100 million for refugee resettlement;

• Continues federal funding of sanctuary cities;

• Expands wasteful tax credits by billions of dollars for wind and solar projects; and

• Fails to reauthorize effective school choice program beyond 2016, threatening to return poor children to failing schools.

ntation of damaging federal regulations including:

• Allowing unnecessary, job-killing water regulations, which are hurting Pennsylvania farmers and homebuilders, to take effect and maintaining the over regulation of our state’s coal industry

• Increasing the Federal Communications Commission’s control over the internet; and

• Continuing the Department of Labor’s red tape that makes investing more costly to savers.

"Since President Obama has been in office, the federal government has piled up $8 trillion in new debt, which is an unsustainable burden that we are passing along to our children and grandchildren. The overspending in Washington must be stopped before we do more harm to our economy and future generations. I therefore cannot support this overstuffed trillion dollar bill and will continue fighting for a more transparent, responsible appropriations process next year."

Elizabeth "E.R." Anderson
Communications Director
U.S Senator Pat Toomey
248 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510