Toomey’s First Official Act: Ban Earmarks

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Allentown – In his first official act as Pennsylvania’s newly elected senator, Senator-Elect Pat Toomey cosponsored a Conference Rule urging the Republican Conference in the Senate to ban earmarks for the fiscal year 2012.

Senator-Elect Toomey has long been an opponent of spending taxpayer dollars on wasteful pork projects, making his mark on this issue as a congressman from the Lehigh Valley nearly a decade ago. During the campaign, Senator-Elect Toomey signed the Citizens Against Government Waste pledge against taking any earmarks personally.

Senator-Elect Toomey also praised President Obama for his support for a ban on earmarks as well as the many Democrats and Republicans in both Houses of Congress who have taken it upon themselves to refuse earmarks. Senator-Elect Toomey stressed that this is an issue where Republicans and Democrats can find common ground and start the important task of cutting wasteful spending.

In Fiscal Year 2011, there has been much bipartisan progress on this issue. Nearly the entire Republican Conference in the House and several Democrats swore off earmarks. A total of 178 representatives and 10 senators from both sides of the aisle have taken a personal pledge against earmarks.

"I am proud to sign onto a rule to help put an end to the pork system that often results in spending taxpayer dollars on wasteful projects," Senator-Elect Toomey said. "It is encouraging that many Democrats and Republicans are united on this issue and I commend President Obama for supporting a ban on earmarks. I look forward to working with any Senator – Democrat or Republican – to cut wasteful spending, protect American taxpayers, and start putting our fiscal house in order."

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