Toward A More Perfect Union

Member Group : Let Freedom Ring, USA

It has been my great pleasure and honor to have known Tim Goeglein for more than 20 years. He was Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison in President George Bush’s administration when I first met him. After leaving the White House, he briefly worked for my organization, Let Freedom Ring. For the last fourteen years, he has been the Washington-based Vice President of External and Government Relations for the Christian Organization Focus on the Family. Tim has just written his third book, called Toward a More Perfect Union. It will be released next Wednesday, January 11th, and I want to urge all listeners to American Radio Journal to go to your favorite bookseller and enter a pre-release order. Tim kindly gave me a pre-publication PDF, and I’m going to whet your appetite by reading a few passages from it. Instead of a book review, I’m calling this program a book promotion. If you love America and are concerned about the absence of true leadership and patriotism in our nation’s capital, this book is for you.

Unlike so many today that critique our culture but stop short of suggesting a solution to the problems they cite, this book by Tim Goeglein both identifies problems and offers solutions, and he does so with extensive citations and end notes. The factual presentation is so well documented as to be unassailable.

In the first chapter, Tim writes “We have forgotten our principles while exalting our privileges, but without principles to serve as a foundation, we will eventually lose our privileges … We had a perfect example of how this played out in the summer of 2020. After police confrontations in various cities left several Blacks dead, radical Left-wing mobs seized upon the tragedies to riot, destroy small businesses, vandalize stores and public streets, and burn police vehicles. They also continued an ongoing campaign of vandalizing or toppling historical statues and monuments. The “woke” Left exerted immense pressure against these historical symbols, forcing public officials to remove them and erase the memories of those who founded America or played important roles in our history. This mob warfare against our past has gone far beyond the symbols of the Old Confederacy to include those who stood against injustice, such as Ulysses S.  Grant … Francis Scott Key … Theordore Roosevelt … and Winston Churchill… Americans of color continue to struggle to receive equal opportunities in many ways … Many of these struggles are tied to the breakdown of the family caused by government policies that have harmed, rather than helped, their ability to rise from poverty… I see this is as a deep problem and one all Americans must work together to resolve. No one should feel as if he or she is less significant or less valuable because of the color of his or her skin. Yet indiscriminately destroying our history will not bring justice to our future.”

If you resonate with what I just read, you will embrace this book. But Tim doesn’t stop there. He goes on, “We cannot stand idly by watching our nation, and what it represents, collapse from within through the destruction of our history and heritage. We must fight for unity. That is the only way we can stand. To do this will require a proactive approach, rather than a reactive one, and it must start in our homes. Those who seek to erase our history and heritage often advance their agenda through state and federal programs while many Americans are totally unaware this is happening. Too many parents still trust their local public schools to teach history adequately and accurately… If our children are in public schools, we must have regular, intentional conversations with them about the true story of America’s founders and founding principles, and how these principles have led to greater freedoms and respect for human dignity. These conversations can happen around the dinner table, on family road trips, or when you’re out running errands. But they must happen, and they must happen frequently.”

Tim goes on to cite sources of sound history for all ages, and even proposes a classical curriculum for home schools, charter schools and independent schools. In short, Toward a More Perfect Union is both the diagnosis and the cure that America needs in the current cultural and educational pandemic, a pandemic that is every bit as dangerous as a raging disease like COVID. You need to buy and read Tim Goeglein’s Toward a More Perfect Union.