Trump’s Complicated Presidential Calculus

Member Group : Keith Naughton

Donald Trump is panicking. Not that he would ever admit it. Trump is taking serious hits from the January 6th hearings, his poll numbers are falling, and the political and social media world is swooning for the newest pretty young thing at the dance, Ron DeSantis. And a Trump under pressure is a Trump that acts – playing it cool is not Trump’s style. His next act looks like a precipitous Presidential candidacy.

The problem for Trump is that plotting for 2024 is a lot more complex than his previous runs. Failing to have a calculated, long-term strategy is electorally and legally perilous.               Trump is a simple text to read. Utterly self-interested and hyper-aggressive, Trump barely thinks ahead and acts on instinct. All politicians who make it to the national stage are self-interested and aggressive to a degree. But Trump is the most extreme ever. Trump has no regard for informal boundaries or norms of behavior. Most politicians violate norms by cautiously pushing boundaries. Trump just crashes through.

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