Truth: The Next American Revolution

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – Usually attributed to George Orwell

Following years of political, cultural, and social prevarication, propaganda and censorship by left-wing politicians, media, higher education, the entertainment industry and special interests, a truth revolution is overdue.

So, let’s revolt! Let’s enlist normal people everywhere to challenge the left’s rhetorical tyranny, spread the truth, and restore honest discourse to governance, media, and society at large.

Following are some fundamental truths:

The first ten amendments to the United States Constitution – the Bill of Rights – are immutable. The First is foundational.

The left complains about miserable conditions in America’s inner-cities and schools, but liberal officials have governed those cities and run those schools for decades.

The left tells blacks that poverty results from prejudice, that slums originated in slavery and are perpetuated by hatred, when, in fact, many blacks – and whites – are poor because they lack family structure and proper educations.

Many black Americans are victims of progressive poverty programs that were allegedly intended, in part, to end racial victimization, but have made victimization self-fulfilling, and created a permanent American underclass.

Inciting racial resentment and violence rewards political hucksters, but divides Americans, drives whites and working minorities out of communities, destroys civic morale, and imposes enormous economic and social costs on those remaining, many of whom become demoralized government dependents.

The most destructive expressions of racism today are accusations made by agitators whose identities are derived from cynically preserving the divisive fiction that America remains a racist nation. A pernicious, bitterly-divisive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) racial preference and quota program has invaded government, classrooms and boardrooms. DEI opposes racism in theory, but, in practice, DEI is systemic racism, only in reverse.

Ordinary Americans, generally, are the least racist people on earth.

Both major parties are elite-driven and generally unrepresentative of the broader public.

National government contains far too many arrogant, not-terribly-bright, non-introspective officials incapable of finding true north on a moral compass, people who treat us as if we’re as stupid and corrupt as they are.

National institutions have violated Americans’ trust. Officials have corrupted, among others, federal law enforcement, court systems, intelligence and health services, education, and border security.

Climate change is normal. Other than environmental prudence, human efforts to combat climate change are meaningless. Most people are neither self-absorbed enough to believe they caused climate change nor arrogant enough to assume they can “fix” it. Practical people would adapt to climate change just as prehistoric Homo sapiens did entering and exiting the last Ice Age.

Wind and solar, a/k/a, “renewables,” do not and never will meet national energy demand. Both are niche sources that fleece consumers, plunder the treasury, enrich special interests, and produce energy less than half the time at many times the cost of full-time carbon-based and/or truly clean nuclear energy.

“Social justice” indoctrination has infantilized much of American higher education, and made college a poor value proposition for non-STEM graduates.

Violence – e.g.: rioting, toppling statues and bullying Jews – is the left’s default setting, a symptom of their poisonous ambition, and a tacit admission they lack persuasive arguments.

Planned Parenthood has killed millions of unborn children. The organization has offered sex-selective abortions, misinformed women about the facts of pregnancy, imposed abortion quotas on its clinics, sold baby parts, lied about abortion-related fatalities, covered up child sex trafficking, and failed to report child rape.

Sex/gender is not an individual choice. It is scientifically-inherent, determined at birth, and unchangeable.

Exposing impressionable children to sexually explicit transgender reading/teaching material and public venue drag shows is genuinely evil.

Those are just a handful of the many truths that revolutionary insurgents must speak – and repeat.

Start locally. Lift the veil of ignorance from mendacious left-wing bubble dwellers and inattentive, low information bystanders.

Stay strong. The left will reflexively label every “revolutionary” truth “hate speech,” among other charming epithets, so we must ignore the left’s desperate slanders without allowing them to suppress or drown out the truth.

Today, speaking the unvarnished truth may be revolutionary, but it is never “racist,” “transphobic,” or any of the other insults the left hurls at truth tellers simply to marginalize and silence them.

Together, ordinary citizens can restore America’s legacy of greatness.

So, unite, patriots! Shout out – live – the truth! There are hearts and minds to win!