‘Twas the Month Before Christmas

Member Group : Lincoln Institute

‘Twas the month before Christmas
All over this state
And retailers were worried
The shoppers were late

The merchandise was arrayed
With discounts galore
But anywhere you looked
There weren’t many shoppers
In any of the stores

A recession on Wall Street
Coupled with Washington’s
Incredible bail out scheme
Had left shoppers with little money
Retailing had seemingly lost all of its steam

But then in all of this gloom
Suddenly out of retirement
Who did appear?
The legendary Al Boscov
And he bought all of his stores
Out of arrears

He decked out his aisles
And on TV bantered
He restored the belief around here
That this Christmas does really matter

Now Lowman, Now Dianne, Now Isaac and Kathy
He called
Come on back
To my stores
I’ve got great bargains
Waiting to be sold

And thus it was
This Christmas ’08
Al Boscov raised 300 million dollars
And stepped up to the plate

The company’s fabled reputation is now restored
Because he bought back all of his stores
Thousands of workers are happy again
Because they work for the best
Retailer of all
Al Boscov has his stores humming again
In your local mall

From Reading to Altoona
Plymouth Meeting to Pottsville
It’s the season to celebrate
Happy shopping to all
All over the Keystone State!

Albert Paschall is Senior Fellow at The Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research, a non-profit educational foundation based in Harrisburg. Somedays is syndicated to leading newspapers and radio stations in Pennsylvania. [email protected]