U.S. Senate Need to Pass Budget Resolution

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For Immediate Release: October 18, 2017
Contact: Kasia Mulligan 202-224-8609, Steve Kelly 610-434-1444

ICYMI: Senator Toomey on Why the Senate Needs to Pass the Budget Resolution

“Ever since the Great Recession, we have not had the kind of economic growth that used to be normal for America.
A completely archaic, terribly unfair, ridiculously complicated tax code is part of the reason why.”

Washington, D.C.- Today, U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) spoke about how passing the budget resolution will provide the Senate with the procedural tools to pass tax reform:


• “The budget resolution is about giving us the tool to later this year pass tax reform. That’s what this budget resolution is about. The most important substantive item in the budget resolution, by far, is the procedural tools that will give us the ability to pass tax reform with a simple majority vote here in the Senate so that a minority of the body is not able to block tax reform by filibuster. That’s what we’re endeavoring to accomplish here. Why is it important? Well, the main reason it’s so important is because for so long, we have been–we, our entire country, has been laboring with such feeble economic growth.”

• “If we get this budget resolution passed this week, the tax reform that many of us are working very hard on has got two big goals–the first is it absolutely has to provide tax relief for hardworking Americans, middle income, lower income, people of modest means–many of whom live paycheck to paycheck. There has to be a direct tax benefit for those Pennsylvanians, those Arkansans, people all across America.”

• “What happens if we have stronger economic growth? We increase the standard of living much more quickly. People get to see their kids having a better life, a better standard of living than they had, and they can see that that trend is going to continue. It happens because new businesses start to get launched again. It happens because existing businesses expand. Both new businesses and expanding businesses hire more workers. So not only will a working family discover they owe less money to Uncle Sam, but they’re very, very likely to quickly be in a position where they are getting a pay raise because their employer has to pay them more to keep them, because what we’re going to do is create more demand for workers.”

• “I am thrilled about this opportunity that we are going to create this week to pass the tax reform later this year that will allow us to achieve the growth we’ve been waiting for, and that means allowing my constituents, Pennsylvanians–and people all across America to achieve the standard of living that they deserve, that they are working hard to achieve, and had that they will be able to enjoy.”

Kasia Mulligan | Communications Director
Office of U.S. Senator Pat Toomey
202-224-8609 | toomey.senate.gov