U.S. Should Embrace Superpower Status

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WASHINGTON — U.S. Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) authored a new op-ed published in today’s Washington Times calling for a proactive leadership role in world affairs by the United States rooted in the principle of "peace through strength." The piece explains why the Obama administration is wrong to push an agenda of global retreat, and why the U.S. should instead embrace its "hard-earned superpower status" in defense of freedom and international order.

Highlights from "Remembering who Americans are" by Rep. Kelly:

"Beneath Ukraine’s plight and Vladimir Putin’s aggression is an unmistakable elephant in the room; namely, an American superpower increasingly uncomfortable with its own identity and responsibilities."

"’Peace through strength’ is transforming into ‘strength through reluctance.’ That reluctance is leading to retreat. The world senses it; our friends – from Israel to Poland to Taiwan – fear it; our enemies are counting on it. After all, a nation that cannot define itself cannot defend itself, or lead others."

"Obsessed with fulfilling its own talking point that ‘the tide of war is receding,’ the Obama administration has decided that by disarming our defenses and retreating from the world, peace will somehow follow. History says otherwise."

"From the renewed bloodshed in Afghanistan to the black flags of al Qaeda now waving in Iraq, from Iran’s march toward nuclear weapons to the ongoing civil war in Syria, when we fail to confidently lead, crises only worsen, and a heavy price – in blood, treasure and American credibility – is paid."

"This administration – and whatever one comes next – must commit to reversing course. Above all, we must re-establish an America that our allies can depend upon and our enemies rightly fear."

"Threats may evolve, and times may change, but our duty as a nation does not. On our shoulders rests the fate of human liberty. It’s the eternal price of being Americans, and successful presidents of previous ages from both parties have properly understood this."

"If we forget who we are and forfeit our exceptional role as the world’s most important defender of democracy – regardless of the rationale – chaos, not peace, will follow. The crisis in Ukraine should remind all Americans that tyranny never rests, and neither can we. We have a duty to remind our friends and foes alike that freedom still has a friend in the United States."

"If we truly want lasting peace and prosperity for ourselves and our friends, then we must embrace our hard-earned superpower status and defend freedom with the courage it deserves."