U.S. Steel Announces $1 Billion Investment in the Mon Valley

Member Group : PA Manufacturers' Assn.

(Braddock, PA) – David N. Taylor, President & CEO of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association, issued the following statement from the Edgar Thomson Plant at the Mon Valley Works:

“The announcement today by United States Steel opens a new chapter in the history of manufacturing in Pennsylvania. By reinvesting more than one billion dollars ($1,000,000,000.00) in the Mon Valley Works, U.S. Steel will accelerate its ongoing modernization by bringing cutting-edge technology-enabled production methods and power generation to its historic home in Allegheny County.  When completed, the upgraded Edgar Thomson Plant will have a first-in-the-nation endless casting and rolling facility that will enable U.S. Steel to turn liquid steel into a hot-rolled coil within minutes. The new cogeneration facility at Clairton will convert coke oven gas into electricity to power all of U.S. Steel’s Pittsburgh-area operations. The combination of these significant upgrades will reinforce western Pennsylvania as a global center of excellence for advanced manufacturing, the Mon Valley as the nexus of America’s most state-of-the-art industrial metals production, and U.S. Steel as an industry leader and economic engine for our commonwealth and our country.

“Our gratitude to U.S. Steel for this unprecedented investment is beyond words.  The greater Pittsburgh region will continue to prosper for generations from the future contributions made by steelworkers, suppliers, vendors, customers, and all of the value added by the foundational industry of steelmaking.

“Gratitude is also owed to President Trump, who, after decades of failed leadership by presidents and congresses of both parties, stood in the breach to defend domestic steelmakers from the predatory trade practices of mercantilist foreign governments, especially the dictatorship in Beijing. Markets should be governed by profit and loss, not by the subsidized industrial policies of non-market economies.

“President Trump’s principled stand has given domestic steelmakers the relief they have needed to stabilize, retool, and become even more competitive. PMA is grateful that the President has given our steelmakers that chance and we are even more grateful that U.S. Steel is leading the way.”


Founded in 1909 by Bucks County industrialist Joseph Grundy, PMA is the Harrisburg-based statewide nonprofit trade organization representing the manufacturing sector in Pennsylvania’s public policy process. To learn more about the association and its work, visit www.pamanufacturers.org