Union Boss Defeated in Special Election

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The CAP PAC is proud to have supported Lisa Esler’s campaign. She provided a real choice for taxpayers. At the end of the day, her campaign came up short. Lisa’s campaign faced long-odds by facing off against the Republican Party machine AND the efforts of organized labor.

However, we are proud that we helped deny Paul Mullen a seat in the General Assembly. Mullen represents the worst kind of political opportunism. He was a candidate who refused to debate or even speak with the press.

Pennsylvanians cannot afford to allow candidates like Mullen to go unchallenged. Mullen would have worked against the types of commonsense reforms the Commonwealth desperately needs. We have no doubt that he would have shared information with his allies in organized labor to thwart changes to our broken pension system, paycheck protection and privatizing liquor sales.

The letter behind a candidate’s name is far less important than their principles. Pennsylvania’s conservatives will no longer be steamrolled by party bosses and their big government allies. As long as the GOP continues to back the likes of Mullen, we will take action to provide taxpayers with a real choice on election day.

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