Union Bosses Get Six Figure Raises

Member Group : Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

January 8, 2014:

Although most union bosses claim to stand in solidarity with dues paying members the facts often undercut that statement.

A recent report from Mediatrackers Pennsylvania looked at some of the most recently available salary data. Their findings underscore the vast difference between union members and union bosses when it comes to salaries:

"Four leaders of Pennsylvania Local 13 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) union received raises in excess of $100,000 each in 2012, moving them closer to the much-maligned top one percent of the nation’s income earners.

"Local 13 Business Manager Allan Winey saw his salary rise from $135,720 in 2011 to $241,135 in 2012, according to federal records.

"Organizing Director Ted Manna’s gross salary went from $108,727 to $226,035 during the same period.

"The salary of Grievance Director Gary McCauley rose from $120,392 to $227,399, and Joseph Kleman, assistant to AFSCME Executive Director David Fillman, received a $121,366 raise to $244,860."

These eye-popping salaries are not limited to AFSCME bosses. Wendell Young IV, president of the liquor store clerk’s union, pocketed over $280,000 in 2011. Close on his heels is the Executive Director of Pennsylvania’s teachers’ union, John Springer who took home over $260,000 in 2011.

It is worth noting that, despite our diligent research, CAP was unable to locate any vote taken by union members approving these generous compensation packages.

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