Union Bosses Visit the White House

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On January 11, 2010, President Obama sat down with Union Bosses. We didn’t have to be there to figure out what that’s about.

The President has made ‘Health Care Reform’ the centerpiece of his first year. Whether it is ‘reform’ and whether it’s a good idea remains to be seen. There are two bills, one in the US House and one in the US Senate; each is 2,000+ pages and neither has been discussed or negotiated in public view.

This fact has the President seeing very low approval ratings since he promised full transparency. He isn’t just seeing a huge backlash from the public, members of his own political party are calling him out on this.

Enter the Union Bosses, who have based the lion’s share of their contract negotiations on getting health care for the members they purport to represent. What came next should come as no surprise – a new demand for fines to be paid by employers who offer their employees better than a middle-of-the-road plan.

So, if a company has gone above and beyond to take good care of its employees, the Union Bosses reaction is, No – that’s unfair and all should look the same.

That’s ludicrous, of course, to any reasonable observer, but it is part and parcel of a strategy the Union Bosses have very craftily used to get as much as they can of their REAL #1 objective: Card Check. This is the plan which would put the Union Officials in charge of any private sector business which has more than three employees by eliminating the secret ballot for workers, which is the cornerstone of the Union Officials definition of democracy, and after instant recognition, all contract disputes would immediately go to binding arbitration.

For the first time in American history, private sector contracts would be subject to binding arbitration. Arguably, this eliminates any real free market or private ownership.

The reason the Union Bosses give for all this is their favorite word: fairness.

So this is where we find ourselves now: In the name of providing health care coverage for some 30 million Americans who don’t have it, an entire system is being rewritten and turned on its head. Overwhelmingly, citizens from all walks of life and of all ages are opposed to this. The reasonable question has been asked: "Why does everything from A to Z have to change to fix this problem?" Quite simply, it doesn’t and the thin veneer set up to ‘cover’ it has long since been exposed.

Union Officials have been losing members for decades. They want their institutions propped up by legislative means since they have not been able to earn support voluntarily. The vast majority of people eligible to join labor unions don’t want them. Enter the "card check" scheme.

Is it possible these two issues are now converging to solve a crisis where none exists for the vast majority of Americans? Proponents will say no, of course. The elected officials pushing both are having an increasingly difficult time convincing the rest of us of that.

So, here’s a suggestion: Slow down, shine the promised sunlight on the "health care" issues. Stop creating artificial deadlines for crises that do not exist.

As for "card check," dump it. It’s un-American and unwanted by union and non-union employees alike.

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