Union Dirty Tricks Fail in Wisconsin

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Union Dirty Tricks Fail in Attempted Coup for Wisconsin Senate Control!

HARRISBURG (August 10, 2011) — Despite spending millions of dollars on behalf of their Democrat party puppet masters, the Union controlled candidates for State Senate in Wisconsin failed to recall the three incumbent Senators they needed to flip control of the chamber. The courageous votes of Senators Cowels, Darling, Harsdorf, Hopper, Kapanke, and Olsen seemed to be remembered by the taxpayers in Tuesday’s historic recall races. Senator Kapanke, despite representing a heavily Democrat district, lost by a narrower than expected margin. Senator Hopper came close to victory despite some personal problems.

The coup by the Union Thugs and their Radical Progressive Allies failed.
Pennsylvania Senators should take note. If anti-mandatory Unionization laws can pass in Wisconsin, the cradle of the Big Union movement, it certainly can succeed in Pennsylvania!

Pennsylvania legislators have nothing to fear from the Union Bosses. They talk a good game, but their power is clearly diminished. Even within their home in the Democrat party, they no longer wield the power they once enjoyed.

The Pennsylvania General Assembly must act now to pass the Open Workforce Initiative – H.B. 50 – 53! Then, Kentucky, Michigan, New Hampshire and other compulsory unionism states, whose populations are declining — every day like Pennsylvania — will follow Pennsylvania’s lead.

Pennsylvanians will not respond to Union Boss smear tactics. The voters will remember courage on Election Day 2012.


Pennsylvanians for Right to Work is a citizens’ organization dedicated to voluntary unionism, espousing the belief that every Pennsylvanian must have the right to choose to join or support a labor union and the right to refrain from doing so.