Unsafe Conditions Found at Philly Planned Parenthood Centers

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Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation December 1, 2015

A Heroine for the 21st Century

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director
[email protected]

It would not be unusual for a woman in her 20s in the 21st century to question what is love. But it is unique that a person of that age would be able to answer that eternal query through her own life story.

Maria Gallagher

Such is the case with Chiara Corbella Petrillo, whose biography of the same name is captivating readers worldwide.

Not once but three times Chiara could have been tempted to abort her baby. Yet, with courage and grace, she managed to say "yes" to life-even when her own life was slipping away from her.
Chiara’s first baby, Maria Grazia Letizia, was anencephalic, a condition in which a major part of the brain, skull and scalp are absent. Advocates of abortion refer to such cases as fetal abnormalities. Chiara and her husband, Enrico, saw her as a blessing. The book describes how Maria died a half hour after being born and baptized.

Despite the heartache of losing a child, the couple hoped to conceive again and did-a baby they named Davide Giovanni. This time, doctors discovered that the unborn child was missing one leg–the other was a stump.

Chiara is quoted as saying, "The first time, with Maria, the Lord asked us: ‘Are you willing to accompany a child even to where I ask you and no further?’ We did, and it was beautiful.

"The second time with Davide, He asked: ‘Are you prepared to accept a disabled child into your family, even one with serious problems?’ Also in that case we said yes, as in response to a gift of grace that had preceded us."

A subsequent ultrasound revealed that Davide was missing kidneys and was unable to breathe properly. He also did not survive.

But a third pregnancy produced a healthy unborn baby. This time, however, Chiara herself became ill, as she battled cancer. Chiara postponed treatments in an effort to prevent putting the baby, who would be named Francesco, at risk. As the authors write, "Chiara did not wish to risk the life of Francesco in order to save her own. It was not enough for her that the dangers to the baby were reduced; she desired that there were none at all."

I will leave the story there, because you owe it to yourself to experience the book for yourself. It is a work that pays homage to the fact that no force on earth is stronger than a mother’s love, and even death cannot overcome it.

State Inspectors Find Unsafe, Unsanitary Conditions in 2 Philly Planned Parenthoods

Pennsylvania officials recently discovered unsafe and unsanitary conditions in two Philadelphia abortion centers during special monitoring inspections. The discoveries also include finding the remains of aborted babies stuffed in a closet at a time when the abortion business is under investigation for possibly selling aborted babies’ body parts. Read more here.

Crazed Gunman Kills 3 at Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood

A lone gunman holed himself up inside of a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood abortion facility Friday, shooting a dozen people and killing at least three, including a pro-life police officer. The shooter’s motives do not appear to be abortion-related. Pro-life groups quickly condemned the violence after the shooting. Read more here.

Catholic Bishops: ‘Intrinsic Evil’ of Abortion Must Be Opposed

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops recently updated its guide on political responsibility, "Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship." The new guide emphasizes citizens’ responsibility to oppose abortion and assisted suicide. Read more here.

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New Biography: The Man Behind the Myth that Abortion Is Power

The biography of a former Cosmo magazine writer and sexual revolution advocate reveals how the modern feminist movement became closely connected to the abortion movement. Click here to read Legislative Director Maria Gallagher’s review of "Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement."

Newborn Baby Found in
NYC Church Nativity Scene

Last week, a Queens church custodian found a newborn baby boy with his umbilical cord still attached lying in the manger of his church Nativity scene. The baby was just 5 pounds, but he was taken to the hospital where he is doing well. Read more here.

CDC: Abortions Down to Historic Low since Roe v. Wade

Abortion rates in the U.S. continue to fall thanks to the work of millions of pro-life advocates all across the country. The CDC recently released its 2012 abortion report, showing that about 31,000 babies’ lives were saved from abortions, in comparison to the previous year. Read more here.

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The 2016 March for Life in Washington, D.C. will be held on Friday, Jan. 22 this year. Dozens of buses from all across Pennsylvania will be traveling to the March. Please consider attending this important event.

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IVF Doctor Puts Wrong Embryos in Woman, Aborts Them

David and Melissa Pineda are suing their fertility doctor after he allegedly implanted another couple’s embryos into Melissa and then aborted them without her consent. The couple says they went to their doctor "to have a baby, not kill a baby." Read more here.

ABC Show ‘Scandal’ Plays ‘Silent Night’
as Main Character Aborts Her Baby

Pro-life groups are outraged after the ABC show "Scandal" glorified abortion by showing a main character abort her baby while the song "Silent Night" played in the background. Read more here.

Abortionist Kneels on Sidewalk, Thanks God She Can Abort Babies

Pro-life protesters in Chicago videotaped a disturbing moment recently when an abortionist knelt down on the sidewalk beside the photo of an aborted baby and thanked God for abortions. Read more here.

9 Abortion Workers Quit during Fall 40 Days for Life Campaign

Leaders of 40 Days for Life prayer campaigns across the U.S. report that at least nine abortion center workers quit their jobs during the fall campaign. Read more here.

Dems Complain about Money for Planned Parenthood Investigation

Pro-abortion Democrats attacked Republicans for giving $300,000 to a Congressional panel that will begin investigating whether abortion businesses such as Planned Parenthood are illegally selling aborted babies’ body parts and changing abortion procedures to harvest them. The same Democrats also are fighting to keep taxpayer funding of the abortion business, which receives about $550 million annually. Read more here.

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