Updated Liberty Index Now On-Line

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The Liberty Index through August 2010 is now publicly online.

The Liberty Index rates 59 General Acts, 14 Appropriations Acts and 1 Veto as "For Liberty" or "Against Liberty" on a weighted scale for different Acts:

Explanation of Ratings 2010 Appropriation Acts 1A to

Explanation of Ratings 2010 General Acts 1 to 36 is
here; [L][EL]

Explanation of Ratings 2010 General Acts 37 to [L]59[EL]

My Scoring Methodology for Liberty Rating by Tier and
Grading [L][EL]

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The Senate grades are disappointing and this is primarily because of vote on
Appropriations Acts 2A to 14A because, although the "good guys" and Democratic
Senator Daylin Leach voted against the unbalanced, unaffordable budget bankruptingThe Pennsylvania Taxpayer, they voted to INCREASE spending on ‘nonpreferred’ institution, including the disgraceful and disgusting Gaming Commission which benefits a very select group of insiders connected to the elected. Only University of Pennsylvania got less money this year than last. One cannot vote against the budget and then vote for more spending to individual institutions and expect kudos.