Wagner Releases Union Contributions to GOP Lawmakers

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Fellow Taxpayer,

It’s downright frustrating. In Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersey, Indiana,
Florida, Louisiana, and elsewhere, Republicans are courageously taking
the unions head on—and they are winning important battles to save
taxpayers money and create jobs. But here in Pennsylvania, where Gov.
Tom Corbett is Republican and Republicans have their most dominate
control of state House and Senate majorities since 1948, the unions
still control the agenda. The people spoke up at the ballot box, and
little has changed. Why?

Here’s the evidence:
Republicans with the Most Union Contributions, 2011-12
Member – Union PAC Contributions
Senator Argall – $84,000
Senator Pileggi – $24,000
Senator Scarnati – $23,000
Representative Taylor – $15,250
Representative Miller – $13,700
Representative Mustio – $13,700
Representative DiGirolamo – $13,450
Representative Geist – $13,000
Representative Saylor – $11,500
Representative Vereb – $8,900
Representative Miccarelli – $8,350
Senator Corman – $7,650
Representative Marshall – $7,500
Representative Adolph – $7,250
Representative O’Neill – $7,150
Representative Micozzie – $6,500
Senator Tomlinson – $6,500
Representative Reed – $6,000
Senator Browne – $5,800
Representative Hackett – $5,500
Representative Scavello – $5,300
Representative Turzai – $5,000
Representative Petri – $4,800
Representative Godshall – $4,600
Representative Murt – $4,500
Representative Farry – $4,250
Senator Gordner – $4,000
Senator Greenleaf – $4,000
Total Union Contributions – $325,150
Source: http://www.campaignfinance.state.pa.us

As someone who’s built a business from scratch to employ over 300
people in good-paying jobs, I’ve learned the ugly truth the hard way:
in Harrisburg, both parties—Democrat and Republican—are beholden to the
unions. Each year, unions dump tens of millions of dollars into the
war chests of candidates for the state House and Senate. Unions far
outspend the business community on elections for the state legislature
and the lobbying of elected officials. And if you think unions only
pour money into the Democrat Party, think again! In 2012, the AFL-CIO
and others unions donated more than $80,000 to Republican State Senator
Dave Argall, and nearly $14,000 to both Rep. Mark Mustio and Rep. Ron

Help End Union Control Now

While Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was curbing the exploding benefits of
public sector unions, in Harrisburg Gov. Corbett was awarding them a
generous salary increase. The legislatures of Indiana and New
Hampshire passed legislation to abolish compulsory union membership; in
Pennsylvania, Republicans are blocking the same legislation from even
getting a vote! In Louisiana, GOP Governor Bobby Jindal signed into
law a school voucher bill. In PA, Republican lawmakers worked to
defeat vouchers. We have more teacher strikes than all other states
combined, and—you guessed it—Republicans are sitting on reform.
Republicans in Harrisburg couldn’t even pass legislation ending the
government’s decades-old monopoly on liquor—again, because the unions
call the shots.

Take A Stand Today

It’s time for taxpayers and job creators to reclaim control of
Harrisburg from the "Union Party". If your state representative or
senator is taking union money, tell them to return it immediately.
Visit my website, www.scottrwagner.com to find out how to contact your
legislators and learn if they’re controlled by the unions.

I hope you’ll join me in the fight to restore control of state
government back to the forgotten taxpayers and job creators who built
this great Commonwealth. We must act before it is too late.


P.S. Please remember: in politics, nothing moves unless it is pushed.
Our state legislators have to hear our voices now, and know that we
are Fed Up!

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