We’re Having A Heat Wave

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Earlier this month, the second annual Conference on climate change was hosted by the Heartland Institute in New York City. Over 700 registrants gathered to hear from scientists and international leaders who have studied the issue of global warming. Yet there was virtually no media coverage of the event.
It wasn’t because the Conference did not include "headliners" among the international community. The event was opened by the President of the European Union and Czech Republic, Dr. Vaclav Klaus.

It wasn’t because the event did not offer presentations from scientists with recognized credentials. The speakers included more than 70 scientists, with such luminaries as Dr. Richard Lindzen, the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at MIT for over 25 years; American astronaut Dr. Jack Schmitt, Dr. Willie Soon, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics; and Dr. James J. O’Brien, the Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor and professor emeritus of meteorology and oceanography at Florida State University and retired director of its Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies.

Perhaps it was the content of the Conference.

President Vaclav compared those who continue to propagate global-warming hysteria are like the Communists of old Europe. "They (the Communists) didn’t even try to argue back. They considered you a naïve, uninformed and confused person, an eccentric complainer," he said.

President Vaclav continued by commenting on what he believes to be the motives behind the hysteria. "It is evident that the environmentalists don’t want to change the climate. They want to the change our behavior…to control and manipulate us. The environmentalists speak about saving the planet. We have to ask – From what? And from whom? I think I know (those answers) for sure. We have to save the planet, and us, from them."

President Vaclav was not alone in his concerns. Dr. Michael Coffman, CEO of Sovereignty International, a U.N. watchdog organization, gave an interview with OneNewsNow in which he revealed that during the 1980’s and 1990’s he had led a multi-million dollar research effort on global warming. He found that the data that was being collected did not support the conclusions of the environmentalists.

Dr. Coffman believes that the effect of the legislation and regulation, both national and international, being pushed by the environmentalists will "actually cause every American family to spend at least two to five thousand dollars more a year…to try to support this effort to curb carbon-dioxide emissions."

And with the efforts to establish an international tribunal to regulate carbon emissions currently being supported by the environmentalist lobby and their allies in Congress and the White House, that figure will only increase.

"Basically since carbon dioxide is involved in all elements of business in the United States,… whoever does this controls the economy of the United States, and therefore our sovereignty," he stated.

In all the world, America is unique. The country was founded on principles, which recognized the fact that government exists to protect the rights that citizens were born with, that the ability to create and hold wealth are among those inborn rights, and that there are, and should be, limits on the power of the state.

The hysteria of the environmental extremists is the latest club being wielded by those intent on destroying those principles. It is no more about concern for the environment than the old song was a comment about the weather.