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Nearly 100 people attended our October meeting that featured two candidates for Westmoreland County Judge, one a Democrat and the other a Republican, plus the GOP candidate for Clerk of Courts. On Election Day, all three were victorious as our members did their homework and helped where they saw fit. I’ll have more on the elections later in this newsletter. We then had an excellent DVD against Global Warming and the nonsense that Al Gore has been spewing forth for the last five years. This factual information debunks the call for Cap & Trade and the upcoming Copenhagen Climate Control Treaty that Obama is scheduled to sign in December. It was a great meeting and we thank all who attended and made our efforts all the more productive.
Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 17th, beginning at 7:00PM. As usual, we will meet at the Christian Fellowship Center located on Route 993 east of the Bushy Run Battlefield, the site of our two big Tea Parties this summer. Our agenda for that evening will be a post election wrap up where some of the winners will discuss their plans as they take office next year. That will be followed by two DVD’s on terrorism. We had planned these presentations BEFORE the mass killings at Fort Hood, TX by another Muslin fanatic. At our September, meeting we showed an excellent DVD by Brigette Gabriel on terrorism inside America. Her remarks were well received and we have an updated DVD from her that lasts 15 minutes and talks about her organization called "Act for America." She was on FOX News on November 1st talking about the man who ran down his daughter in AZ because he felt she was straying from Islam and becoming too "Westernized." We also have a DVD that lasts about 25 minutes entitled "Exposing Terrorism—Inside the Terror Triangle." That deals with the Communist elements of terror that are being coupled with those of Islam. All the more important to see in wake of the massacre in TX. This should be a very informative evening so I urge you to round up family and friends and get them there!
I would like to quote from my October, 2008, newsletter as a background to this segment. My opening comments were, " With less than three weeks until the election, the big question is whether we will awake on November 5th being led by a Socialist or a man who has been trying to reinvent himself over the last six months." I concluded saying, "Nearly every Presidential contest is called ‘the most critical one in our lifetime’, but this one certainly fits that description more than any I’ve faced before. America is on the verge of becoming a Socialist nation if Obama wins and carries an even stronger Democratic-controlled House and Senate with him. On the GOP side, John McCain is a weak vessel, and I believe only a miracle from God is all that stands between us and a breakdown of our values and even our culture. May God have mercy one more time on America…
The election results of November 5, 2008, certainly have caused all freedom-loving Americans much concern and stress over the last 12 months. Despite the warnings and evidence that Obama and his minions were out to destroy Capitalism and take over every aspect of our lives, the vast majority of Americans thought that "Hope and Change" were the wave of the future. But a funny thing happened on the way to bringing America into the New World Order, an event called a Tea Party! April 15, 2009 brought millions of patriots across the country in a unified voice against bailouts of mismanaged banks, government takeover of the auto industry, attempts to nationalize Health Care and other obvious signs of Socialism sweeping the land. The Tea Parties, instead of being just a one day affair, became a national way of protesting government abuses on a regular basis. July 4th and September 12th were major milestones for the grassroots uprising along with many other smaller events interspersed throughout the year. A recent one on November 5th was perfect timing coming on the heels of November 3rd’s positive election results. Rep. Michelle Bachman (R-MN) is to be greatly commended for putting together a rally that drew tens of thousands on less than a week’s notice. This caused the Pelosi/Reid traitor team to pause in their all out push for the latest health care bill. However, a late night vote on Saturday, November 7th, caused the latest monstrosity to pass by a vote of 220-215. Lots of arm-twisting and an amendment to appease the "Blue Dog" Democrats with assurances that no funding for abortion would be observed have this 2000 page bill on its way to the Senate. Of course, only a fool would believe any pro-life wording Therein lies the next battle and our real chance to defeat any measure, but it will take lots of work and prayer. Senator Joe Lieberman (CT-I) has already said any "public option" wording will cause him to vote NO! We need to work on Bob Casey in PA and several other key Senators around the country.
But let’s return to November 3rd’s election results for a moment. The Virginia and especially the New Jersey races sounded a battle cry for freedom along with what happened in Pennsylvania. These GOP victories were a bolt out of the blue and caught many of the pundits by surprise. Of course, poor voter turnout helped the GOP as their base was energized while the ACORN inspired masses of 2008 sat home thinking their vote for Obama last year was all they were called to do. While VA and NJ were headliners in the national Media, PA was a trendsetter with at least six of seven State court positions being captured by Republicans. I have said in previous newsletters that PA would be a key state in 2010, but it appears that the 2009 results were an early harbinger of success for conservatives. And I have also said that Westmoreland County was going to play a central role in any Conservative gains. Even though the Democrats have a substantial voter registration edge, many of those folks vote conservative values. In reality what happened on November 3rd was not so much a Republican victory as it was a big win for the Conservative movement. In fact, recent national polls now show that 40% of the electorate is Conservative, and Westmoreland County proved that because there is no way the GOP could win without a number of conservative-thinking Democrats voting on issues instead of party affiliation. Our Conservative Coalition (and before that the Christian Coalition) has worked for years in establishing a hard core base of knowledgeable people who have firm values and great political savvy, REGARDLESS of Party! The aforementioned Tea Parties also had their greatest crowds and success in Westmoreland County this summer, which added to the ranks of the already hardened trench warriors willing to take back our country. No less than SIX of our members were successful in county races ranging from Michelle Bononi as the new Common Pleas judge down to 23 year-old Zach Haigis, who won a Commissioner’s seat in North Huntingdon, to give the GOP a 4-3 margin of leadership. We also helped Joan Orie-Melvin to victory on the Supreme Court, thus giving the GOP a 4-3 margin and in position to oversee any redistricting after the 2010 Census. Many other races that didn’t receive much attention also fell to the Republicans and have the Democrats scratching their heads as their numerical advantage failed them big time. Some county precincts didn’t even generate a 10% turnout, and that lack of interest coupled with a concerted push by the GOP to "get out the vote" turned the tide to some astounding victories. While the Republicans have poor ratings in the polls, those who are willing to embrace Conservative principles are usually successful.
While these successes across America are hopefully serving as a wake up call to Congress, we still have a lot of work ahead of us to have a Conservative agenda be successful in 2010. First of all, the GOP must get rid of the "RINO’s" that pollute the party. The now famous 23rd District in upstate New York is a perfect example of what happens when a candidate with no business being a Republican is nominated by weak county officials. After taking and wasting nearly $1 million from the RNC, Dede Scozzafava was finally exposed as the raving liberal she always was, and Doug Hoffman became a late entry on the Conservative Party. Sarah Palin, Fred Thompson, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum and other Republicans immediately offered their endorsements. But then the water was truly muddied when Newt Gingrich and Michael Steele backed Dede, and Newt went so far as to criticize Palin and those who endorsed Hoffman! Talk about uncertain signals emanating from headquarters! This debacle finally ended with the Democrat Owens squeaking out a victory as both he and Dede appeared TWICE on the ballot on different parties. She took about 5% from previously cast absentee ballots, and some true "RINO" diehards gave her the rest. This should be a great wake up call to the GOP as we have been preaching for years against the RINO element in the party. No greater example of this RINO infection can be found than in the case of our own Senator Arlen Specter. His primary race against Pat Toomey in 2004 was Exhibit A in why RINO’s must be purged from leadership in the GOP. In that hotly contested race, President Bush and Rick Santorum came to Arlen’s rescue as he eked out a 3% win over the conservative Toomey. (I don’t want to toot our own horn too much but remember that Westmoreland County gave Toomey his largest margin of victory over Specter than any other of the 66 counties in PA! Even back then our Conservative efforts and message was taking hold). Bush and Santorum sold out their supposed conservative principles to back Specter (because he was the incumbent). Santorum paid the price two years later as he was defeated by lightweight Bob Casey. Rick may have learned his lesson with his endorsement of Hoffman, but his political career is pretty much over. I would say that Newt’s performance in the 23rd should cast a big cloud of suspicion over his future as a conservative leader, and his future statements should be taken with a large grain of salt. Michael Steele should recant his stupid decision if he wants to stay as the head of the Republican Party. 2010 should be a very exciting year, and Conservatives will play a major role in any victories we achieve. I hope that all of you will gear up for the battle that can turn the tide and allow us to regain our freedoms!
The terrorist arm has once again reached deep inside America, this time against our own military. A Muslim named Hasan, who attained the rank of Major, opened fire on hundreds of fellow troops, killing 13 and wounding over 30. These troops were being processed for deployment to either Iraq or Afghanistan and were unarmed as they waited in various lines. Two civilian police, a man and a woman, shot him several minutes into his rampage. The woman was also shot but was able to help bring him down. The killer is still alive and will probably survive to stand trial sometime down the road. A little water-boarding would allow us to see if this low life acted alone or was part of a deeper terrorist cell. As outraged as I am over this terrorist attack, I am equally disgusted over the use of the terms "alleged" and "suspect" applied every time the Media mentions Major Hasan. This is at least the 5th time that some Muslim in the military has killed American troops, with most of the other incidents occurring in Iraq or Afghanistan. The gunfire had hardly stopped and the Media was already reporting that the FBI said this wasn’t a terrorist attack. Obama said, "We must not jump to any conclusions". General George Casey must have gotten the same message as he also warned about jumping to conclusions on CNN Sunday, November 8th. Ignoring the President, as I usually do these days, I’m going to jump to some conclusions and believe my analysis is on the money! Eyewitnesses said they heard Hasan shout "Allah Akbar" (God is Great) before opening fire, and more colleagues have testified that he expressed anti-war sentiments and made pro-jihad statements. Supposedly, he thought Obama’s election would end American involvement in Iraq,and he was frustrated when that didn’t happen. It is now known that he attended a mosque in VA along with several of the 9/11 killers! The Iman of this mosque was recently banned from speaking in London because of his pro-terrorist statements! But maybe Major Hasan was like Barack Obama, who sat in Rev. Wright’s church for years but never heard him denounce America and make many other radical statements! I believe Hasan is one of many "Sleepers" in our midst who blend into our society and lay low until it is time to strike. This is all the more reason to hear Brigette Gabriel’s message at our meeting on November 17th! Another ironic aspect of Hasan’s background is that he attended Virginia Tech, site of the biggest mass murder in American history that occurred several years ago. Something can be learned from both Va.Tech and Ft. Hood. At the university, they were proud of their "gun-free zone", and therefore no one was armed to stop that killer. In Ft. Hood, armed civilian police rushed to the scene and took down this terrorist. Thank God those brave officers were armed and rushed into save countless others. When are authorities going to learn that guns in the hands of free people are a deterrent to crime and also government abuses? I noted a recent story that gun and ammo sales are reaching all time highs. Don’t be caught without several weapons to protect home and family.
On Sunday, November 8th, I again heard Joe Lieberman state that if what he is hearing is true about Hasan, then this was definitely a terrorist attack, and his thoughts were echoed by Fox’s Brit Hume. Lieberman is head of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and is thinking of opening an investigation into the Ft. Hood massacre and other possible homegrown terrorist cells in the United States. Joe might not be right on a lot of issues, but he seems to be on target with his views on health care and the War of Terror. Please take time to contact his office and urge him to remain strong on both vital issues. And please take time to pray for our troops, both at home and abroad, especially now that this attack has put them on edge more than ever.

In June, we predicted the unemployment was probably already at 10%, but due to government massaging of the figures, the "official" number of jobless Americans was only 9%. Well, the "official" October numbers are out and now state we have reached 10.2% with no real end is in sight. This means we have exceeded 11% and are heading to 12-13% shortly. Billions in bailouts and stimulus has not done the job,,,, proving what Abraham Lincoln said when he wisely counseled that "you can’t spend yourself into prosperity." Health Care, Cap & Trade and other energy cutting proposals will only add billions in taxes to the business world and severely cut any incentive for employers to add to their work force. Congressman Ron Paul, (R-TX) just had an article published in Forbes in which he stated, "A false recovery is underway. I am reminded of the outlook in 1930, when the experts were certain that the worst of the Depression was over and that recovery was just around the corner. The economy and stock market seemed to be recovering, and there was optimism that the recession, like many of those before it, would be over in a year or less. Instead, the interventionist policies of Hoover and Roosevelt caused the depression to worsen, and the Dow Jones industrial average did not recover to 1929 levels until 1954. I fear that our stimulus and bailout programs have already done too much to prevent the economy from recovering in a natural manner and will result in another asset bubble. Rather than allow the market to correct itself and clear away the worst excesses of the boom period, the Fed and Treasury colluded to put the taxpayers on the hook for trillions of dollars. Government intervention cannot lead to economic growth. Where does the money come from for Tarp, the stimulus handouts and cash for clunkers? It can only come from the taxpayers, from the sale of Treasury debt or thought the printing of new money. Paying for these programs out of tax revenues is pure redistribution; it takes money out of one person’s pocket and gives it to someone else without creating any new wealth. Besides, tax revenues have fallen drastically as unemployment has risen, yet government spending continues to increase. As for the Treasury debt, the Chinese and other foreign investors are more and more reluctant to buy it, dominated as it is in depreciating dollars. The only remaining option is to have the Fed create new money out of thin air. This is inflation. Higher prices lead to a devalued dollar and a lower standard of living for Americans. If we do not stop this profligate spending soon, we risk hyperinflation."
Rep. Paul is right on the money in his analysis if the FED chooses to turn loose the printing presses. Remember he is the man who has over 300 co-sponsors to HR 1207 to Audit the Fed, so call Barney Frank’s office and have him get this bill out of committee for a full vote.
In addition to the Fed problem, there is a new danger lurking in the banking industry. There are tens of trillions of dollars in derivatives that could bring down our economy and country! Derivatives are really just a bet on future prices, only today they are a highly leveraged bet. Five major banks with J.P. Morgan at the top, own 80% of the derivative risk and if their investments start to crash like the real estate and technology markets before them, we could be in real trouble. Protect yourself with wise investments and hard assets for the sake of your family.
• November has three anniversaries that should be noted. They are Thanksgiving, the Communist Revolution in 1917, and the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Americans, especially those who worship and serve the living God, will celebrate the wonderful blessings that have been showered on the United States as we gather around our Thanksgiving tables. This year we should be more grateful than ever for what we have and give more of ourselves to help our neighbors and friends who are in need. This should be done not only with material goods but also with the gift of knowledge to defeat the conspiracy that is seeking to bring us into the New World Order. That godless conspiracy has been underway for centuries and accelerated in 1917 when Lenin took over Czarist Russia and made it into an atheist nation. Millions in Russia and Eastern Europe perished under the terror known as Communism. Twenty years ago the Berlin Wall fell but the terror created by Lenin and Stalin is still with us today and of course Obama decided NOT to attend the ceremonies celebrating the freedom that came to millions in Europe! All the more reason to attend our meeting on November 17th to learn more about "Exposing Terrorism"
• Congressman Joe (You Lie!) Wilson is proposing a measure that would make Congress live under any health care bill and Sen. Tom Coburn wants all 2000 pages read on the Senate floor! God bless them!!